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People who wish to provide their children with an exciting opportunity to express themselves do not have to struggle anymore. Press on nails for kids might be the exact solution they are searching for. Kids should always have a way to express themselves at school or at home. 

Many individuals are unaware of how simple it is to get hold of nail art products. Press-on nails are perfectly safe for children if applied and removed correctly. It’s also a unique way for kids to express themselves through their nail styles. Thus to get more information on all you need to know about press-on nails for kids keep reading.

What Are Presses On Nails?

Press-on nails now are nothing like the ones that you remember from your childhood time. This means you’ve probably heard of them before and used them as well. Those press-on nails were the cheap and ugly ones that people used to buy from their nearest superstores in middle school. 

The new generation of artificial nails are made of acrylic plastic substances similar to the press-on nails applied in salons but are less permanent. Simpler to apply and is safe for your natural nails. These nails are so similar to the ones done in a salon but free of the salon price tag.

Is Press On Nails Safe For Kids?

The safety of these press-on nails most of the time depends on one’s age and hand strength. It doesn’t often prove to be safe for children under the age of 12 years to use artificial or fake nails. Since they are too young to take care of or have control over their hands. Which might lead to them putting something injurious to health in their mouth by accident. 

However, some artificial nails that do not include glue and can be easily taken off without hurting the nail below are available as well. So make sure to have complete know-how before considering buying these press-on nails for kids. You can also consult your child’s physician if still not satisfied.

What Places Can Kids Where There Press On Nails At?

Kids can wear these nails for special occasions just like Halloween or any kind of party as well at home. These nails go perfectly with school outfits too. Many schools have dress guidelines that allow students to express their personalities through their press on styled nails. Most school administrators let children express their personalities using their nails until they are not so big or edgy.

Different Varieties Of Press On Nails

There are several varieties of press on nails for kids. They come in plenty of different forms and sizes as well as various patterns. These artificial nails are also available in a wide range of different varieties in shapes and colors. If you are looking for something specific, go through some online websites to have a look at what’s available and what might be the best fit for your child.

Why Choose Press On Nails For Kids?

There are way too many advantages when it comes to using Press on Nails as compared to other acrylic or gel manicure ones. Press on nails proves to be a better way for kids to express their personalities by being creative. Children can have fun applying these nails without having to use any harsh chemicals which can sometimes result in being harmful as well. They are also far less expensive than other acrylic and gel manicure nails. Also, These press-on nails for kids come in kits that include several colors and designs for your child to have fun choosing more than one color.

Best Way To Remove Press On Nails

The easiest method of removing press-on nails depends on your choice of fake nails. If the press-on nail you are using doesn’t require glue then you can easily remove it by peeling them away. If you are using press on nails that require glue, try using an alcoholic nail paint remover to loosen the grip of the nail. 

Using the nail paint remover will dissolve the glue between your fake and natural nail, that way you can easily take it off. As for younger children, try using olive oil or warm water which can be quite helpful in removing the glue from the nails. Make sure to be careful not to use too much force while removing them or you could end up pulling your natural nail during the process as well.


Press on Nails is one of the safest and most creative ways for kids. They let them express their personalities through their nails without even using any harmful substances. They are also far less expensive than other acrylic or gel manicures. Along with providing you a salon-done acrylic nail look without even a salon price tag. Some press-on nail kits even include several color designs so your child can have fun choosing more than one color.

 The easiest approach to removing press-on nails relies on the sort of fake nail you’re using. Most kits provide recommendations according to their lifespan as well. It would be a wise choice to read the instructions on any kit to know what kind of result you are about to get. Hopefully, the information provided in the above article will be helpful enough for you to decide whether to get press-on nails for your kid or not.

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