Best Desert Safari Dubai Deals

desert safari dubai deals

If you are planning to go on a desert safari dubai deals, you should know that you can find a number of different deals and offers on the web. You can also choose an evening desert safari. This is a wonderful experience, as you will enjoy non-stop entertainment and a delicious buffet dinner. You can also participate in various sand activities while on your desert safari.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Evening desert safari dubai deals offers

A desert safari in the evening is one of the most memorable experiences you can enjoy in Dubai. You can enjoy a buffet dinner, a live show, and various activities amidst the desert. There are several evening desert safari packages available in Dubai. Choose the best one for your needs and budget.

The evening desert safari begins with a pickup from your hotel or other accommodation. The safari is also available from Sharjah. A 4×4 land cruiser will pick you up and drive you to the Arabian Desert. After a short drive, you can enjoy dune bashing and the desert’s other attractions.

An evening desert safari is also offered at several hotels in Dubai. It includes a dune bashing tour, a camel ride, and a visit to a camp for shisha and henna tattoos. There is also an optional buffet dinner with belly dance performances.

VIP desert safari dubai deals

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Dubai or you’ve been there many times, you can enjoy the unique experience of a desert safari in the city. There are many VIP desert safari options to choose from, including those with a private car and shisha smoking. Some even offer a buffet dinner and live belly dancing and fire shows. These are all available for purchase and you can choose how adventurous you want to get.

A VIP desert safari can include a variety of activities including dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. You can also get henna-painted skin or have your photo taken with a falcon. You can choose to book an overnight safari as well. The trip starts at 2.30 pm and is 60 minutes from Dubai. The overnight safari also includes a barbecue dinner and dance performances. There’s also a Bedouin tent at Al Khayma camp with a Nawar bed, pillows, blankets, and a shower.

Other options include desert tours in the evening and an overnight stay in a Bedouin camp. These are unique opportunities to experience the culture and tradition of the area. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy a belly show called Tanura.

VIP desert safari offers

If you are looking for an experience that will allow you to see the desert in its true essence, then VIP desert safaris are perfect for you. These tours include a full-bodied team of drivers and assistant staffs, so you can enjoy your time like a king. Moreover, these tours include the best entertainment available in the desert.

These excursions also include a doorstep transfer from Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. On board, you’ll have the chance to enjoy dune-bashing on the red sands of the Lehbab desert, sipping on a traditional Arabic coffee or tea, and enjoying other entertainment options.

You can also spend the night at a desert camp. Some of the desert camps offer live entertainment in the evening and you’ll get to see the sun set while you’re there. These camps offer henna hand-painting, sandboarding, and wildlife spotting.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Price of a desert safari dubai deals

The price of a desert safari in Dubai is determined by how many people you are taking with you. Generally, it is around $150 to $400 per person. The desert safari is usually daytime only. The price does not include dinner and entertainment. You will receive a guide and an excursion map for the trip.

There are a few different types of creek park. You can choose from two-hour or six-hour tours. The cost of a two-hour tour is AED 79 for adults, while the six-hour tour is priced at AED 280. The price of a desert safari is also dependent on the features you want to add to your tour. Some tours include camel rides, henna painting, quad biking, and belly dancing. Some of the tours offer romantic sunsets.

Final Thoughts

The price of a desert safari in Dubai varies. It depends on the activities you choose, but many options are relatively affordable. There are various activities included, including dune bashing and sandboarding over dunes, an authentic Bedouin dinner, and a belly dance or tanoura show. You can also get a henna tattoo and enjoy the sunset in the desert.

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