Are you tense about how to persuade your audience about your opinion or an issue? If yes, then you’ll need to write an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay requires you to be strong in your opinion and explain and defend it in writing with valid research and points. It can seem like an intimidating task if you have never done it before, but take heart! There are several ways to write your opinion in an argumentative essay, and you can use these methods to ensure that your points are clear and concise. You must present your opinion and supporting evidence by eloquently proving your point. You can also explore the opinions of others and then argue against those points if they contradict your perspective.

If you are the one who is facing difficulty in writing an opinion in argumentative essay, then either you can hire a cheap essay writing service or can follow some guidelines to write on your own. Today’s article will explain tips you can follow to make your opinion writing excellent.

Tips to Write An Opinion In Argumentative Essay:

Writing an opinion in argumentative essay means communicating your point of view or opinion on some issue you have chosen to write about. Opinions are always subjective, and since this type of essay relies heavily on the author’s personal experience, the readers must be ready to see things from someone else’s perspective. A well-structured and written opinion in argumentative essay is your chance to share your thoughts with others and, who knows, maybe even change their minds! But how do you start writing it? Let’s discuss the 10 useful ways to write an impressing opinion in your essay.

Always Remember The Purpose of Your Essay While Writing Opinion:

While writing an opinion, you should understand your essay’s topic. The purpose of an argumentative paper is not to list reasons for and against your opinion. In every argumentative essay topic, the purpose is to convince someone (your instructor or professor) that you are right. Research the purpose and topic of your essay, then state your opinions.

Stay Consistent With Your Opinions:

If you’re making an opinion, you must stay consistent with your thoughts. For example, if you say in a paragraph that citizens should be allowed certain rights, then don’t contradict yourself. It will ruin all your credibility with the readers. Be sure to stay true to your points so people can understand why you believe what you do.

Look at Alternative View Points While Writing Opinions:

While writing an opinion in argumentative essay, take a look at the alternative viewpoints. You will not agree with everything you read. Consider trying new perspectives from time to time; it might help you make more informed decisions and build better opinions for your argumentative essay. Take notes for yourself about why someone may disagree with you. Understanding other people’s opinions will also help you better understand your own.

Don’t write a list of facts without support. When crafting an opinion in argumentative essay, one of your main goals is to persuade readers that your opinions or thoughts are valid. To do so, you need to show how facts back up your opinion without simply listing them together.

Follow Standard Pattern While Writing Opinion:

Don’t assume everyone knows what you mean when using terms like a consensus, argument, or dispute. Carefully define these and other key terms. Make sure that your definitions are consistent with how scholars use them accordingly. You can consider the pattern of journal articles while writing an opinion in argumentative essay so that your readers will be less confused if you follow the standard terminology.

Using Supporting Evidence for Effective Opinion:

As you create an opinion piece, consider why it’s important to write it and what opinions you want to make in an argumentative essay. Find evidence that supports your thoughts and keep at least three different sources in mind while constructing sentences. The more supporting evidence you provide, the more likely the readers will see your point of view. Don’t be afraid to take a stand on any issue; you must prove your claims using your opinions and support them with credible sources. To do that, you must present facts that support your thoughts and refute any evidence from opposing viewpoints.

Focus On Target Audience While Writing Opinion:

The audience you are addressing with your opinion is just as important as what you have to say. The voice and approach used to convey your opinion should be tailored to that audience. If you’re unsure who will read your opinion, consider who might read it and how they would react.

Remember, you can’t give an opinion effectively if you don’t remember that it’s not just about what you think. As persuasive writers, your primary goal is to convince others of something, so you must remember that your opinions are only as strong as their ability to persuade others.

Identify opposing viewpoints explicitly, then defend your opinion against them:

Other people hold different opinions regardless of what you’re arguing about and providing evidence for. You only need to point out the conflicting viewpoints, but when you do, don’t just tell them how wrong they are: show them why they’re wrong. If there are two sides to every story, then be sure yours is one worth hearing.


Writing opinion in argumentative essay is not just about being right or wrong. It’s also about taking a side and having your audience understand why you made that decision. Strong opinion writing provides information and explanation for those who agree with you and tries to change the minds of those who don’t. The above rules for writing opinions in argumentative essays are very helpful for you. Following the above tips, you should have no problem writing your opinion in an argumentative essay.

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