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The barber shop is back in fashion! And now she’s much more than just “beard, hair and mustache.” Now they have innovated, and in addition to going out with your haircut, you drink a beer, listen to good music, play a video game, watch that “good” football match and catch up with your friends.

Investing in something like this turned out to be a sure business and very profitable! And that’s why we brought you the best barber shop tips for opening a business and conquering this market that keeps growing; after all, the modern man takes more and more care of his appearance.

Learn about entrepreneurship for barber shop

The best barber shop tips are that you should know more than just cutting hair and shaving. You must have the notion that you are investing, opening a venture and understanding what it is all about. 

To start a business, you must know little of “everything.” From how your business works and each product offered to the minimum of administration and finances. You can hire people to do this part for you, but still, you should know what’s going on inside your business. Besides, with you taking care of your business, there is much greater confidence that everything is happening in the right and desired way.

And what better way to learn than studying, learning and evolving?

Use and abuse of social networks

Social networks are there to be your allies; use them. With them, you can, in addition to publicizing your work, promote promotions and sweepstakes, drawing the attention of potential customers to your barber shop.

Keep them up to date, post lots of photos of your work, sweepstakes to get more followers and increase your profile movement, and sponsor photos that draw attention to your account.

Create strategies to retain your customers

Customers like to feel important; they like to feel at home in your business. To solve this, there are several strategies already used. Having your branded cards made is a great place to start! 

To do this, you can put it on a card with empty white circles, with every 10 stamps on them, you get a complete package at the barber shop. These stamps you will earn from the purchase of their services. Don’t you think it will get attention? The person will have to cut their hair anyway, so why not choose you, as they will still get a bonus for it? And that’s how you keep your customers loyal. You should also make a barber shop business plan for more profit and a complete action for retaining you customers.

Create attractive promotions

Promotions attract not only your regular customers but also new ones. Use social networks like Facebook and Instagram for this. For example, you can draw a complete package with beard and hair, in addition to offering some beers from your Barber Shop to those who follow the rules of your draw.

The rules usually involve:

  • Liking the published photo.
  • Liking the raffle’s profile and tagging friends in the comments.
  • Making the raffle spread faster.

And if you are interested in that, there are also other ways. For example, to increase the audience of the draw, you can also make partnerships with well-known brands. But you should make sure they have products that might interest your audience.

For more information, you should visit business plan consultant.

Have a creative environment

The environment you build for your customer is their first impression of your business. You must have a nice place to work and to stay. Nowadays, barber shops, in general, have adopted an industrial style in the decoration of their spaces. From old furniture, brick wallpaper, lots of wood and some attractions to distract your customer. Others also have a retro vibe, with differentiated seats, items that refer to old cars, a checkered floor and lots of red.

Bonus Tip: You don’t have to sell just haircuts and beards

The variety in services and products has been proven to be a differentiator in today’s barber shops. They are the famous Barber Shops. Today, men no longer go to barber shops just to shave and shave their hair. But also, to spend time, meet acquaintances, drink a beer.

You can offer a rest and chat space and a bar inside your barber shop. In addition, of course, an entertainment area may contain a television, games, perhaps a pool table or foosball. And you can also invest in space outside your establishment, offering a parking lot, for example. All this can be charged or offered as a courtesy according to the service offered. It all depends on how you intend to profit from it or not.

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