Clear Aligners Or Metal Braces? Here’s How To Choose

Clear aligners

Dental problems are very complicated and can majorly impact our life. Dental problems can cause pain, make eating difficult, and lead to other health problems. If there is a dental problem, it causes chewing, speaking, swallowing, and digestion problems. Also, it’s aesthetically unpleasing while smiling. Also, painful dental problems are the worst. And people who have gone through the situation must know how difficult it is to handle it.

Misaligned teeth are one of those problems. People with crooked, overcrowded, and unstructured teeth face daily life issues. 

But thankfully, there are orthodontic treatments that cure the problems.

There are two types of treatments for misaligned teeth. The one is metal braces, which have been running for ages. It’s known as traditional treatment, and this treatment is the same as it was before. 

Another is clear aligners, which is the new and improved technology. With the blessings of improved science, people are now getting their hands into it.

What are metal braces?

Metal braces are basically orthodontic appliances that are used to correct the misalignment of the teeth. If you have orthodontic problems like crooked, overcrowded teeth, your dentist will suggest you wear this.


As we know by its name, it’s made with a type of metal that fuses with our mouth. Metal braces have delicate strings that are also made with metal. 

How do they work?

Those strings of metal braces need to tighten to keep the teeth under pressure. The pressure will help the teeth to come in the proper position, and slowly it will correct the alignment problem. 

Metal braces take 1 to 1.5 years to cure the problem. In severe cases, you may need more time. 

Who can wear it?

From children to older people, everyone can wear metal braces. You must wear a healthy jawbone as it creates pressure on the mouth and gum. 

What are clear aligners?

Aligners are used for the same treatments but in improved technology. As metal braces are a traditional treatment, aligners are known as digital and improved treatment. These clear and transparent teeth-shaped aligners correct the same problem metal braces do.


Aligners are made with a unique material named resin. It finely goes with the internal mouth and does its job wonderfully. These are very easy to use, removable and best for people who don’t want to show their orthodontic appliance.

How do they work?

Braces have plates that sit on the teeth, and for every tooth, there are plates. These plates pressurize the teeth and correct the alignment. Aligners generally take 6 to 7 months to repair. And in severe cases, they take one year and over that. Aligners work faster than the braces and are also transparent. That’s why people love this.

Who can wear it?

The only complication with aligners is that children can’t wear this. As aligners work faster, the pressure they create on the mouth is more than braces. So children can’t tolerate this pressure as well as their jawbone. So the doctors suggest aligners for people over 17 years of age. But still, consult the doctor and examine your oral health before using any dental tool.

Which one is better? How to choose?

  • Clear aligners have a sleek and transparent body. They are very lightweight. That’s why it becomes easy to carry them in daily life.

Where metal braces are materials of metal, that’s why they have particular weight. Studies show that people with braces feel uncomfortable carrying braces. 

  • Clear aligners are transparent. The person in front of you can hardly notice the difference in aligners. That’s why aligners are popular among the teens and young generations. People in modeling careers or something like that can easily bear them. Also, aligners work as a protection for the teeth and create a chic look.

We all know how braces create the look on our faces. However, for many people, it is okay. But, the people, who want to look presentable and confident, should go for aligners.

  • Aligners are removable. That’s why it becomes easier to eat to drink. Also, people with aligners don’t have to maintain a diet chart to keep their aligners stable.

Braces have strings in them and their material products. You must restrict yourself from eating sticky, hard, and crunchy food. Otherwise, the material will decay soon. 

  • With aligners, maintaining oral health becomes easy. While brushing, effortlessly remove them and after the routine, wear them. But remember to brush your teeth when you finish a meal or snack. Also, drink a lot of water because aligners sit on the mouth and cover the teeth from the air. So our mouth becomes dry, and it creates bad breath. To avoid that, drinking too much water is needed.

The chance of getting your food stuck into them is higher with braces. That looks so uncomfortable and unpresentable. Also, while brushing, the brush’s bristles get stuck. One needs to floss their teeth with braces every time while brushing. 

So, In general. Clear aligners are winning the race. 

Moreover, before owning aligners, ensure you invest in the best brand in the market.

How to choose the right brand?

Clear aligners should be crack and stain-proof because there is a high chance of getting scratches and stains in your aligners due to harsh edges, food, and beverage. Most brands fail to keep their promise. But not Illusion Aligners, because they are the first aligners brand in India that have FDA approval. So you are getting quality products with a guarantee. Also, their aligners are made with unique materials. That’s why they are stain and crack-proof.

So if you want to invest in aligners, book a session with Illusion aligners because they have experienced doctors who can also suggest the best treatment. 

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