Difference Between Descriptive & Expository Essays

Descriptive And Expository Essays

Your writing will be at its finest if you focus on your purpose, whether you write essays, business documents, fiction, articles, letters, or even notes in your notebook. Expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative writing are the only four major styles of writing, even though there are several reasons why you could be picking up a pen and paper or tapping away on a laptop.

These four writing genres have diverse goals and call for various writing abilities. They may also be referred to as rhetorical modes or styles of discourse in academic contexts. Higher education institutions teach nine conventional rhetorical styles, but most of our writing assignments will have one of these four primary goals. This blog will discuss the differences and similarities between descriptive and expository essays.

Types of Essays in Academic Writing:

All writing starts with an idea in mind. This idea generates a desire to influence someone else; an audience and language are used to fulfil this desire. As a result, a text is produced that needs to be genre-appropriately constructed. When a piece is read aloud to an audience, it joins the larger conversation. The “discourse” is the full act of communication inside a certain context. Language is one of its components, i.e., a tool used to produce effects intended to accomplish a goal.

What Are Descriptive Essays?

Descriptive writing provides details that reveal an object’s visual or other sensory features; an “expository” text “exposes” what is on the writer’s mind regarding a predetermined topic. This calls for “descriptive language,” which can refer to various words but frequently includes adjectives, adverbs, similes, and metaphors. These descriptions and exposition are tactics, i.e., writing techniques to accomplish another goal or intent.

A descriptive essay is written to describe something or someone in detail. The purpose of such an essay is to paint a picture with words for the reader. The writer uses details and descriptions to make their point come alive for the reader. Generally speaking, descriptive essays are used for descriptive purposes rather than informative ones. Therefore, it becomes necessary to buy essay when you are stuck in writing.

What Are Expository Essays?

Expository essays focus on delivering information and making clear arguments, but descriptive essays focus more on using your imagination and writing in an engaging manner. It is usually very factual in nature and written to inform readers about an idea or concept. This type of essay is most often used when the writer wants to inform readers about a new idea, change their perception about something, or provide information about an event.

The first step in creating an expository essay is to choose your topic.

This can be something you have been assigned by a teacher or something you are interested in learning more about. Once you have chosen your topic, outline it using a standard five paragraph format: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. You will want to include specific details and examples so that your reader understands what you are talking about and why they should care about what you are saying.


Expository Essays:

Expository is an appropriate term for this writing because it exposes or sets forth facts, and the word expository itself incorporates the word expose. You will likely come across it the most frequently throughout the day. An expository essay will introduce a subject and present it clearly without mentioning the author’s personal beliefs.

You can find expository writing in books about journalism (except for opinion and editorial articles), enterprise writing, specialized writing, etc. Because they are all intended to explain and inform, these writing genres are all expository.

Example: The establishment of 62 kilometres of bike trails in Happyville was approved by the municipal authorities with unanimity in 2017. The bike routes, made possible by a new tax levy, are anticipated to reduce traffic and congestion while helping the city achieve its sustainability and clean air goals. Eighteen trailheads with restrooms and picnic spaces have been planned at various entry sites. The city anticipates that the building will be finished in April 2021.

This paragraph is expository since it provides the reader with information about the new bike trails without expressing the author’s point of view.

Descriptive Essay:

The purpose of descriptive writing is to make it easier for the reader to vividly picture a person, an event, a place, or all of these things at once. The author might use all five senses to describe the scene. Expository writing restricts the writer’s artistic expression far more than descriptive writing.
You can find descriptive writing in:

Journal and diary writing, poetry, and advertising

Example: The kids’ whoops and giggles echoed through the fresh spring air as they biked lazily down the Happyville Bike Trail. Wildflowers with a sweet aroma added various colours to the gently undulating landscape, encouraging the kids to occasionally get off their horses to lay down in the springy, soft grass.
This passage uses description to create a detailed image of a scene on the brand-new bike trail.

To get to their respective points for descriptive and expository essays, both provide an explanation. The descriptive does this with the help of a plot arc that includes exposition, escalating action, climax, and resolution. Expository essays clarify and evaluate their subjects. Descriptive and expository essays make their points and achieve their goals by the time they reach their separate conclusions. Hence hiring a cheap essay writing service UK becomes much important for this purpose.

Demonstrating one’s point of view connects descriptive and expository essays. To get to their respective points, both provide an answer. The story does this with the help of a plot is that includes exposition, escalating action, climax, and resolution. Expository essays clarify and evaluate their subjects. Both make their points and achieve their goals by the time they reach their separate conclusions. The expository essay promotes the reader’s understanding of the contentious history of the Gettysburg Address, while the descriptive essay deepens understanding.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, both expository and descriptive essays share some elements, such as describing specific details about an object, event or person. However, the main purpose of these two essays is not the same. While descriptive essays are meant to educate or inform readers about something new (for example, how a holiday will be celebrated in a country), expository essays tend to focus on conveying knowledge among the readers (for instance, do Presidents have the right to order human rights violations?).

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