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Pizza is the perfect food. It’s versatile. It’s filling. It’s delicious, saucy, and cheesy goodness from the top. It’s excellent that Hamilton has lots. This is possibly the most challenging top list we’ve ever made. There are many fantastic pizza places throughout Hamilton, so it wasn’t difficult to pick the top. The final result was that we did our best to make sure the list was balanced between classics from the past and more recent offerings.

Hamilton continues to be a great city in its ever-expanding culinary scene due to the large number of pizza restaurants that offer enough variety for everyone’s tastes and budgets, from simple neighborhood shops to more expensive options.

It was difficult for us to narrow down Hamilton’s Best Pizza Hamilton joints, but we tried our best to include both established favorites and newer ones in various settings and at different prices. 

Pick for the Hammer’s best pizza joint in 2022

Milanos Halal Pizza Hamilton

Milanos Halal Hamilton Best Pizza offers international flavors made from the best New Zealand produce. Enjoy the famous Milano’s Pizza and Portuguese-grilled Chicken. Each pizza is made fresh from scratch. Various herbs, spices, and sauce bases make the rich sauce base.

It is the family recipe that the chef has been making for over 25 years. Milanos meat-lovers pizza has a wide range of lamb salamis. They also offer chicken and pizza sauces. Cheeses and mayonnaise are available. You can also select from many gourmet pizzas, including a Greek one with red onions, capsicums, olives, and capsicums. You can also choose lamb salami, lamb salami, or smoked chicken.

Chicago Style Pizza

The locals are captivated by this restaurant. Chicago Style Pizza can often be seen crowded in front of customers before they open.  Chicago Style Pizza is a great place to get the delicious and satisfying Chicago deep-dish pizzas. There are regular pizzas and pasta. However, it’s high time to change if you don’t have at least one slice of the deep dish with cheese.

Roma Bakery & Deli

The entry may seem a little strange to pizza lovers. However, local roots go back more than 70 years ago. A family-owned Roma Bakery & Deli has been a fixture in East Hamilton for its deli meats, fresh baked goods, cheeses, and Italian-inspired desserts.

They are perhaps best known for their Roma slab Pizzas, which have an airy crust and a light tomato sauce. It is also entirely without the cheese. Roma Pizza is unique, affordable, and very satisfying.

Milanos Halal Pizza Hamilton

It is known for its international Best Pizza Hamilton flavors, made with only the best ingredients from New Zealand. The pizzeria offers an authentic Italian experience with its famous Milanos pizza and Portuguese-grilled chicken. Every pizza is handmade from scratch and then topped with a rich sauce base with a mix of spices, herbs, and other ingredients.

This is the original recipe of the owner with over 25 years of pizza-making experience. Milanos meat lover’s pizza is made with a combination of lamb sausage, lamb salami, chicken pizza sauce, and cheddar. The Greek pizza with capsicums and red onions, pizza sauce and olives, lamb sausage, chicken-smoked, and Feta cheese is one of the best options for pizza.


The Chameleon is a neon sign inviting you to a place that offers low-cost pizzas and drinks. This Northside bar has a few tables where you can enjoy stand-up comedy or a cold drink with your friends over freshly baked Best Pizza Hamilton.

If you don’t want to eat the entire pie, you can grab a slice or two of New York-style New York-style Pizza. The generously portioned pizzas are served with cheese, pepperoni, and a medley (the variety of vegetables varies depending on the season and recently includes green beans, zucchini, and mushrooms).

Cheese slices start at just $3. A 19-inch pie can be purchased for $19. Add seasonings like Cajun, cool ranch, garlic, or Cajun to your pie. Also available are fries, Stromboli, or chicken or vegetarian burgers with sweet Kimchi. Need something to wash down that extra slice of cake? We are grateful to Chameleon for their filled bar.

Red Rose Jets Pizza

Do you remember feeling instantly comfortable when you entered an establishment? Red Rose Jems Pizza on College Hill is an excellent example of this. Red Rose pizza is consumed weekly by my family, mostly at home. They know my son’s name and how much my family loves pizza.

Although it is difficult to imagine a Florida family making such a great Best Pizza Hamilton, they manage it. Red Rose makes the sauce from scratch, and tastes fantastic and fresh. The perfectly baked crust can easily be made to different thicknesses. You’ll be reminded of how personal and homemade it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hamilton’s Food Famous?

Hutch’s restaurant opened in 1946. Since then, their Fish and Chips have been a mainstay of Hamilton’s traditional food. The restaurant’s decor, beachfront view, and large quantities of fish and battered fries make it a favorite.

What’s the Best Pizza Around The World?

  1. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo – Naples.
  2. Pizzeria Mozza Los Angeles
  3. La Gatta Mangiona – Rome.
  4. Paulie Gees New York
  5. Pizzeria L’Operetta – Singapore.
  6. Goodfellas – Goa.
  7. Baest – Copenhagen.

What Country Consumes the Most Pizza?

Italy’s pizzas are consumed daily by approximately one million people. It is well-known for its pizzas, which are popular among tourists and those who wish for authentic Italian cuisine. Italy boasts about 63,000 pizzerias, with around 100,000 pizza-makers.

Can Pizza Be Considered A Healthy Food?

It’s also a sign it’s unhealthy. Even healthy pizzas can still contain substantial amounts of sodium due to the cheese, tomato sauce, and cheese. This is why it’s essential to watch what you eat.


Best Pizza Hamilton offers delicious pizza at a low price. You can find coupons and incredible deals on our deals page. Whether ordering for your family, a group of friends or seeing a movie together, there will be the perfect deal.

Hamilton has all your favorite Pizza Hut dishes, including some unique options like the Meat Lover’s(r)-packed with Pepperoni (ham, pork, beef, Italian Sausage, and bacon). If you’re looking to eat vegetables, Veggie Lover’s(r) has the option of Mushrooms with Onions, Green Peppers, Green Peppers, and Roma Tomatoes.

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