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A webinar is composed of two words web + seminar, a webinar is an online lecture where a host or speaker delivers or shares ideas, thoughts, and valuable information with a worldwide audience. Whether it is a demonstration of a product, the launch of a product, or just an educational lecture, webinars are an excellent way to connect with your audience in a personalized manner.

However webinars are the digital medium to connect with the audience, therefore there are more chances of distraction for audiences. Sometimes webinars become long boring PowerPoint presentations where attendees slowly tune out. But there are many ways to keep the audience engaged right from the beginning to the end of the webinar. If you are planning for hosting webinars, then here are some tips to keep making your webinar more exciting.

Try to make your audience excited about the content before the webinar

One of the best ways to make your audience engaged is to interact with them before the webinar, through promotions and advertisements. Ensure your audience should have at least an idea about the webinar’s content and that they are excited to learn more about it. You can share a small introductory video of your webinar’s topic on various platforms. You can also take advantage of social media platforms for the promotion of your webinar. Before a few days of the webinar, you can also write blogs on the importance of the topic that can be beneficial for you. Tweets or hashtags can do wonders for you. 

Select a relevant and interesting Subject

Who does not want to gain knowledge about interesting subjects? Today, when most employees are working remotely and falling prey to feelings of isolation and loneliness, an informative, entertaining, engaging, and interactive webinar can work as a healing therapy for them. They will wholeheartedly listen to and enjoy the webinar

Introduce yourself and share your story with the audience

Apart from ensuring that you have the best webinar tool, introduce yourself to the attendees in a unique style at the beginning of the webinar. You can share some funny yet motivational incidents of your life with your attendees. 

Moreover, you can ask your speakers to do the same. Success stories of your life will boost the morale of your attendees as well as make your webinar more interesting.

Make it eye-catching

First, select the webinar platform that offers you high-quality visuals for your presentation. 

Try to make your presentation attractive by adding graphics, images, and videos. Use bright colors for your sides. Use infographics, graphs, and bars to make presentations more catchy. Moreover, use a sliding disk that is appealing. Ensure you are not using long paragraphs in ppt. Always try to keep sentences short and crisp. Most importantly, language should be easily understandable by the audience. In other words, always try to keep your vocabulary simple

Animation can allure attendees

Well everybody likes animated content. You can also use animation to explain the content of a webinar instead of writing it as text. You can also take the help of a specialized video animator or graphic designer who can transform the complete content of the webinar into an animated story. You can also do that by yourself with the help of online tools. Moreover, simulation can create magic. Simulation walkthroughs can make attendees feel like they are part of the environment.

Use interactive tools

Interactive webinars are the most engaging and exciting ones. Ask questions to audiences and encourage them to answer the question and participate in the discussions. Run polls, ask attendees for voting, and also ask them to take part in the quizzes. You can also use a breakout room to segment large groups of audiences into smaller groups for a fruitful discussion. AI Matchmaking is another feature offered by webinar platforms that lets attendees with similar interests connect. 

Use of the latest technology and fresh content:

Nobody likes to see or watch the repeated content again and again. Use a fresh idea and unique idea for your webinar.

Along with fresh content, it is necessary to use the latest technological features to make webinars more exciting. Use 3D interface instead of 2D, customized virtual venues, HD videos, Dolby audios, etc.

Invite good speakers

Throughout the webinar, only one host can be boring for the audience, they may feel fatigued. To avoid this fatigue and make your webinar more exciting you should invite one or more speakers for your webinar. Invite industry experts, motivational speakers, and influencers. But always remember the speaker must have expertise in his field, and he should be capable of answering all the donuts and queries of the audience. Moreover, to make the webinar more exciting you can open a window for discussions between the speakers(in case you have two or more speakers.

Surprise your audiences

Surprise your attendees by inviting a guest. He may be any known personality or an influencer. Don’t disclose that surprise guest’s presence until the webinar starts. When the audience least expects, you can call out to them and surprise your audience. Keep surprising your audiences, it will make them stick to the webinar online anticipating what’s next.

Offer perk for watching:

To create a pleasant environment you can reward your attendees in some ways after the webinar is over. Once attendees have finished watching the webinar, make sure you provide them with some reward for watching. It could be a certificate for completion, any other unique content, a soft copy of any book, etc. Moreover, these kinds of rewards can further be used for marketing purposes, as these provide an opportunity for the host to collect contact information of the host.  

Have you ever planned a webinar? 

It takes a lot of planning and effort to host a perfect webinar, and the efforts are worth it. An informative webinar will make your attendees enjoy the content. Along with the content, you also need to make your webinar exciting right from the beginning to the end of the webinar. By following above stated tips you can surely create a wow element in your webinar and make it more exciting.

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