Oh, bugs. Those are tricky critters that find their way into your space with every hole, nook, and cranny. No matter how many times you check and double-check your exits, and the holes to keep them sealed, somehow a bee, mosquito, or some other insect finds a way to buzz about your safe space. And then there are the ones that creep and crawl, along the floors and up the walls. Some might think that this is a summer problem but the truth is that any season, and any time of day, is an opportunity for bugs to get inside. 

So, how can you enjoy the seasons and all the weather you crave, whether it’s 65 degrees and brisk or 85 degrees and warm, without dealing with an open-door bug policy? Unlike a sliding door, which only lets in the sun, there is a door that can keep bugs out while you still enjoy the natural elements. Fortunately, a bug screen for doors is the answer. But how effective is it?

Here are the ways a bug screen for doors is not only effective but enjoyable so that you can optimize your comfort at home.

The door will fit your entrance

The biggest issue with bugs is that they tend to be so tiny that it’s easy for them to squeeze through a lot of places. But a bug screen for doors eliminates that issue by snugly fitting your entranceway thanks to a strong polyester mesh. The polyester mesh keeps the bugs out while still letting the cool breeze in, and they won’t be able to burrow or scratch their way through it. Plus, you can find the right size, or put them side-by-side, without worrying about what might need to be adjusted.

It’s an easy hands-free entry and exit

Bugs love it when you leave the door open behind you. That’s when it seems they make their quick entrance into your home, at the exact moment you aren’t looking. Then, of course, that’s when the real trouble begins. Especially in the warmer months, it is so easy to forget to close a door behind you if your hands are full. This gives bugs a prime opportunity for flies to fly in and creepy crawlers to follow the smell of food. In an instant, your home can be bug infested and flat-out uncomfortable! Sadly, these things happen all the time and can make your home feel like a mess. But a bug screen for doors has a magnetic seam that runs up and down the middle, so it instantly closes behind you, as the magnets gravitate and pull towards one another to close without a thought. Say goodbye to forgetting to close the door and hello to an easy open. All it takes is a little nudge to push through before it immediately shuts behind.

You won’t waste time waiting for your pet

Bugs love to follow pets around, especially in the hot, sticky months of summer. Whether it’s because your pet hasn’t bathed recently (sadly they don’t have the same cleanliness routine we humans do), played in some dirt or mud, or has been playing around in tall grassy areas, your pet is a hotbed for bugs to latch onto. Since you can’t control every move your pet makes, or where it goes, what you can do is control how they get inside and outside of your home. And the longer your pet waits outside of a door, sweaty and smelly, the more of an opportunity you are giving bugs to become attracted and get onto them. This means they’ll easily enter your home via their new carrier. But with a bug screen for doors it’s a paw-free entry so your pet, if clean, is welcomed back inside immediately. 

Enjoy year-round comfort

Bugs exist year-round (and you probably love a brisk autumn night or the smell of the snow in winter the same way you love the sweet smell of spring). A bug screen for doors ensures you get all of the joy from year-round weather without any unwanted guests. 

It’s durable and made to last

Insects get into your home without any notice or warning through cracks, tears, or holes. And if a door is left open? Well, we can at least expect a bug or two. But an unforeseen little rip is another worry that usually goes completely unnoticed. A bug screen for doors is created with heavy polyester material that withstands rips, cracks, and holes—it’s built to last! It’s also created to hold up against all types of weather and be used as frequently as possible. Enjoy a screen door that you can use with confidence, and be critter-free.


You can choose who enters your home, and bid farewell to bugs who aren’t welcome, with an effective bug screen for doors. All it takes is a proper bug screen for doors that fits your designated space to have a seamless year-round enjoyment of the weather you love without the pesky bugs tagging along.

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