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Choosing the right duvet cover is essential to the comfort of the sleeper. This protection keeps bedding clean and fresh for longer, guaranteeing quality sleep.

At night, a sleeper loses an average of 2 litres of water. Avoid prematurely damaging your duvet, and it is essential to protect it with a breathable cotton, linen or satin duvet cover. Material, finish, colour. What are the criteria to consider when choosing your duvet cover set? Here are our tips for creating your cocoon of well-being and comfort.

The different sizes of duvet covers

The choice of a duvet cover is primarily based on your mattress size. Their dimensions must be proportional to guarantee a perfect assembly between the duvet and the duvet cover. Therefore, choosing a duvet adapted to your bedding is essential.

For a cot: the sizes are 80x120cm.

For a single bed: sizes vary between 140x200cm and 200x200cm.

For a double bed: the sizes vary between 140x200cm and 240x260cm for the most extensive beds.

Choose the material of your duvet cover.

While the textile fibres that make up the Imperial Rooms duvet covers are all made from natural materials, the vegetable fibres are nevertheless differentiated by their weaving, i.e. the interlacing of warp and weft threads.

Reinforced canvas duvet covers (57 threads per cm²) are most often used for children’s or teenagers’ collections. Light and breathable, they represent the standard quality of bed linen and offer outstanding value for money.

The cotton percale (80 threads/cm²) is distinguished by its soft touch, which hugs the skin without irritating it. Comfortable and soft, cotton percale duvet covers are also appreciated for their absorbency: an essential point for those who sweat during the night.

Warmer, the cotton sateen duvet covers (120 threads/cm²) have a smooth and shiny surface thanks to their unique weave, intended for high-end bed sets. They will withstand multiple washes without losing their silky and soft feel.

Finally, linen fibre is a naturally “temperate” material suitable for both winter and summer. Washed linen duvet covers have a solid tendency to wrinkle. This is where its charm lies: linen bed linen creases with nobility to create a very trendy vintage look.

Colours conducive to relaxation

The duvet cover should be a harbinger of tranquillity and give the room an atmosphere of well-being to make it easier to fall asleep. Opt for bed linen in natural colours (beige duvet cover, taupe, light grey), reassuring and relaxing, to create a true haven of peace. Pastel shades such as light blue and powder pink are also recommended to soften a bedroom.

While neutral colours promote sleep, plant prints also help create a serene atmosphere by breathing fresh air into our decor. By recalling nature, flowers and leaves invite calm and relaxation. It is the same for the oceanic motifs, whose bluish hues soothe the mind and body. Avoid disturbing sleep, and it is better to avoid bed linen in colours that are too bright: red, orange or yellow, for example.

Caring for your duvet cover

Fight against the dust mites that lodge in our bed linen; it is vital to maintain your duvet covers like the other elements of your bedding – pillow and duvet. Your bed linen should be washed once a week to maintain good hygiene in your bed. Machine washing at high temperature rids the duvet cover of dust mites, bacteria and other dirt accumulated during sleep – dead skin, sebum, cosmetic residue, etc.

To clean your duvet cover, put it in the washing machine at a temperature between 40 and 60°C according to the care instructions on the label. You can then dry your duvet cover in the drum or let it dry outside in the sun. Finally, depending on the material, you can iron your bed linen: some materials, such as cotton sateen, soften with ironing, while others, such as linen, do not need it.

Your bed linen lasts as long as possible. The best thing is still to bet on a high-end bed set made from quality raw materials, such as cotton or linen. These textiles resist washing and last year after year without losing comfort and flexibility. To choose the right bed linen, remember to look at the labels to find out what materials it is made of.

Imperial Rooms duvet covers are available for all tastes to create an atmosphere specific to each personality. The material of our sheets and covers is carefully selected to ensure you a good night’s sleep. Plain or fancy, they combine quality and comfort while bringing a trendy touch to the decor of your room. Textures, sizes, colours, prices. Everyone will find what they are looking for!

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