Wool rugs are acclaimed for their durability. As a material, wool keeps the floors warm. It is the natural element that fights off dirt and bugs. However, since they are placed on the floor, you need some attention to keep your wool rug clean and lasting. Wool rugs are usually expensive. Nonetheless, you will want to protect your investment by giving it a good clean now and again. Professional area rug cleaning Brantford services are the best option if you need help with this or any other rug cleaning job.

The inside story about wool rug cleaning

Wool is a natural fiber that wards off the growth of bacteria, fights off stains, and keeps dust mites from developing. Wool rugs are often costlier than those cotton or synthetic rugs. However, they are robust and can last for a lifetime if maintained appropriately. It is indeed advised to have expert cleaning services Brantford to dry clean stubborn stains, but scrubbing the rug gently at least once a year is highly beneficial.

This guide will help you understand the best ways to clean your wool rug and make it look great for years.

How to maintain an area rug?

An effective way to cut down on the time needed to clean a wool area rug is to keep it from getting dirty. It is as simple as keeping your dirty footwear off the rug. Vacuum the wool area rug twice a month or more if it is placed in a high-traffic area or even if you have a pet at home. Clear out any spills the quickest possible. You can apply a little white vinegar to eliminate the pet odor.

Moreover, wool rugs are highly durable. If you take good care of them, they can last from generation to generation. Keep rotating it every six months to ensure they wear down evenly. With regular vacuuming, you only need an extensive cleaning by a professional rug cleaner once every year. If you have wool carpeting stuffed all around the room, you will likely want to employ an expert. But you can give your wool rug a thorough surface cleaning yourself.

How to clean an area rug at home?

area rug cleaning

You might wait for the warm sunny days to take your wool rug outdoors to do the once-a-year carpet cleaning job. If it appears impossible, choose a clean waterproof space where you can lay down the carpet and scrub it clean. Read More.

Shake the dust and dirt off

Take your rug outside and place it over a porch railing or a couple of sturdy chairs. Beat it carefully with a beater specifically designed to shake off the rugs. Also, beat the rug pad if required. After shading off the dust properly, you can vacuum it thoroughly. You need to be very careful if your wool rug has fringe. Start vacuuming from the middle towards the edges. Make sure the vacuum doesn’t touch the fringe. A small-sized hand vacuum is the best option to clean a wool rug.

Scrubbing small sections

Once you finish shaking off the dust, get two buckets with water. Add a very little amount of wool-safe detergent to one bucket. Never use normal laundry bleach or detergent since they can lead to color fading. Now start scrubbing the detergent mixture gently at one end of the rug, moving it into smaller sections. Wool absorbs much water, and you will not want to get the soap and water deep into the fibers. However, be very careful while rubbing the sponge. Don’t over-wet the rug. Now rinse each section right away with a sponge dipped in normal water. Again! Do not use too much water. For both processes, the sponge should be utterly clean to prevent putting more impurities into the rug. Immediately after you rinse all the soap wipe the area dry with a clean towel. Repeat the same process on each section of the rug.

Let the wool rug dry completely.

It is crucial to completely dry the rug to prevent moisture from getting trapped in the wool fibers. Hang or lay the rug outside the house to let it dry completely. You can also put it under a heavy-duty fan. Whatever option you choose, beware that drying can take several hours. Even the rug pad will need significant time to dry completely. Additionally, this drying hour is the best opportunity to thoroughly clean the floor area covered with your wool rug.

How do you get rid of stains from a wool rug?

Professional rug cleaning services Brantford best handles deep-reached stains. However, it is not a reason not to try some stain-fighting on your own. Use a clean, soft, absorbent paper towel to clean liquid spills. Be careful! Don’t let the liquid spread out the spill or cause it to get deeper into the rug. For other solid spills, scrape any staining material over the rug with a spoon. Mud is an exception. You can easily get rid of it once it is dried.

You can have various rug cleaning products specifically designed to deal with stains on wool rugs. However, avoid applying them directly to the rug. Ideally, put them on an absorbent sponge or a clean cloth and dab it onto the stained spot. Additionally, it is a good idea to test the cleaner on a small area to ensure it won’t harm your wool rug.

Cleaning wool rugs can be quite a task to handle. However, for the best help, hiring professional rug cleaning services in Brantford is recommended.

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