How to Embed Twitter Feeds On Your Website in 2022?

how to embed twitter feed on website

A new trend that many marketers are adopting is embedding Twitter feeds on the website. Twitter is a social media platform that allows short caption-like posts known as tweets. People use Twitter to share experiences, educational content, informative captions, news, business update, and much more. 

Twitter shows relevant tweets that are capable of building trust, brand image, and awareness. You can create attractive tweets using photos and videos to engage a large audience, get more conversions, and boost your sales. 

Embedding Twitter on your website can be beneficial to boost dwell time, improve the website’s look and feel, and make it more vibrant, engaging, and attractive. You can also see a significant decrease in bounce rates, and cart abandonment for eCommerce websites. 

Did you know most tweets get views and interactions within 18 minutes?

But it’s at the cost of being lost in diverse and more engaging content being posted within the second. Sounds ridiculous, right? 

So, to solve this issue comes embedding. Since so much of your Twitter content gets lost in the sea of diverse content after such a short period of time, there is an easy and deficient solution. You can display tweets on your web page using Twitter widgets and extend their lifetime beyond Twitter itself. 

Why embed Twitter on the website?

Here are some highlights of embedding the Twitter feed on the website:

  • Show your social media presence on the website itself. 
  • Offer a convenient way of displaying Twitter content that is highly relevant and engaging. 
  • Embedding UGC in the form of reviews and testimonials from Twitter can convince your users to make favorable purchase decisions 
  • UGC comes from real users’ experiences showing how much they enjoy your product. 
  • It shows how active and consistent you are on social media. 
  • Displaying your follow-worthy profile on the website, you can develop a large follower base on Twitter as well. 
  • Boost SEO ranking by adding a lot of relevant keywords. 
  • You get a real-time updated feed on the website within seconds, showing fresh content to your audience. 

Now let’s move on to embedding. 

How to embed a Twitter feed on the website?

Here are some easiest ways to embed a Twitter feed on the website. 

  1. Twitter plugin 

There are multiple options to embed twitter on the website using Twitter plugins present in the WordPress directory. You can create easy, customizable, and beautiful feeds to engage users. Without any requirement of coding complexities. 

Since the plugin shortcode is lightweight, it won’t affect your website load time and performance. WordPress plugins support Twitter buttons giving your audience to interact with the tweets and follow you directly from the website. 

Here’s how you can embed Twitter using the WordPress plugin:

  • Once you have installed and activated the plugin from the wordpress directory. 
  • Get started by creating a Twitter feed on your website backend. To do this navigate to Add new feed on the dashboard. 
  • Add your connection type, and click “Next”. Connect your Twitter account, Customize the feed, and click “Next”. 
  • Make the necessary changes, and click on the “Save” button. 
  • Now, click on the “embed” button, then add to a page, and click on the “Add” button. 
  • Add a new block from the “+” on the top left corner, and finally click “Update” to make it functional on the website.
  1. Twitter self-embed 

Twitter also comes with an in-built embedding feature that allows you to embed Twitter feed and lists on the website directly from Twitter without any plugin or third-party aggregator. It is not that complicated however, there are no customizable, moderation, or analytics option available. You cannot design the feed as per your requirements. 

There are no filters, and it is open to errors. There is no support team available when any error occurs. 

  1. Social media aggregators

Let’s come to the third and one of the most convenient options to try. Social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox, Elfsight, etc. aggregate Twitter feed and conveniently allow you to display them on the website. 

People can check images, gifs, videos, etc. on the website with a stunning popup lightbox. Pick from perfectly curated feed types from search engines, hashtags, mentions, lists, etc. These platforms have many amazing features to help you develop the best feeds to display on the website. 

Wrapping up!

So there you have it, everything you need to know to embed your Twitter feed on the website. We hope this blog, helped you in the process and made it easier. You can now increase Twitter followers, build a robust social media presence, develop personal brand-user relationships, and much more. 

It is an interesting way to showcase your Twitter feed on the website to boost conversion rates, grow your business, develop a stunning website, decrease bounce rates, and improve sales. 

Social media aggregator platforms can be your best bet in leveraging social media on the website. These platforms are not limited to Twitter, they offer integration with more than 20 platforms. 

Enjoy embedding and reap the desired results in no time. 

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