It can be tricky to determine the best tile for shower walls. Here’s a compiled list of the best tile types and things to consider while installing them on shower walls.

Things you need to know about installing shower tiles

While renovating a bathroom, the shower is the primary focus of the entire project. It is crucial to pick the best material and style. Moreover, deciding on the most suitable shower wall tile is one of the most critical decisions. A shower wall is the first thing people will look at. However, what could be the most effective tile option for your shower walls?

Choosing shower wall tiles

While choosing the right shower wall tile, people often find themselves overwhelmed with the plethora of options available at the most renowned bathroom tiles Mississauga suppliers. But, when discussing aesthetics, it is crucial to consider the material you choose. It has to be strong enough to withstand the humidity in the bathroom area. Nevertheless, tiles are the most suitable option for shower walls. Moreover, what is the most effective tile option for your shower walls? Glazed porcelain, natural stone, glazed ceramic, and glass are the most sought-after options your local bathroom tile supplier Mississauga can suggest for your shower walls.

Shower tile types

Tiles are fantastic flooring options, regardless of where you place them in your house. They are affordable and durable, apart from being attractive when creating or redesigning your dream home. Besides, tiles are resistant to water. However, they are more durable than wood options, like hardwood or laminate. Typically, they consist of environmentally friendly materials while still matching the highest manufacturing criteria. They are as excellent material for walls as for flooring. If you are unsure about the correct type of tile for your shower wall, here are the best alternatives.

Glazed ceramic

Usually, this tile option is layered on bathroom flooring but is also excellent for shower walls. Glazed ceramic shower wall tile is a good choice if you want to have durable yet affordable material. You can find various ceramic tile styles to fit your shower wall. To make it more affordable, you can opt for simple ceramic tile designs also available in intricate designs.

The glazed ceramic tiles serve two purposes:

  1. They keep moisture out, and this is particularly needed for shower walls.
  2. They are easy to maintain with a minimum amount of scratches.

Glazed ceramic shower wall tile also seals the porous spots of the tile that might ripe into a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Glazed Porcelain

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are often misinterpreted by each other. Both contain clay, but porcelain is fired at higher temperatures. However, porcelain appears superior to ceramic in many ways, from longevity and water absorption rates to color and chipping resistance. The high density is another feature that makes glazed porcelain more beneficial than ceramic tiles. Glazed porcelain holds more heat. However, it is the ideal choice for steam shower walls. 

Glazed porcelain tiles are available in many patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors. Additionally, they don’t crack or chip as often as glazed ceramics though the glaze serves the same purpose.

Natural Stone

Natural stone looks just great on shower walls. They are as robust and durable as porcelain and ceramic. Nevertheless, they are considerably more porous than other options. However, natural stone shower wall tiles require extensive care and maintenance.

The natural aesthetics of natural stone draws many homeowners’ attention. However, it is a premium tile option you might likely want to have in your bathroom. Granite, limestone, marble, travertine, and slate are stone tile types commonly used in bathrooms. Stone tiles don’t offer the same color, style, and designs as glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles. But design patterns and textures are good enough to compensate for the lack of variety.


Glass tiles offer the same level of endurance and water resistance as other alternatives on the list. However, the features that make it stand out are the unique appearance and transparency. You can easily clean and maintain glass tiles. All you need is a good window cleaner to bring back the sparkle of the stone shower wall tile. 

The aesthetics of glass tiles can give any bathroom area a modern look. In terms of appearance, glass tiles don’t have many choices since they tend to be transparent. Moreover, you can get some translucent options or ones with little designs. In addition, glass shower wall tiles can make your small shower room look bigger.

Top five things to think about while selecting the shower wall tiles

Apart from picking the suitable shower wall tile material, it is equally important to determine other aspects. Consider these factors while selecting the tile for your shower walls.

The style

Looking through the plethora of tile options seems fascinating and thrilling, but it could be a waste of time and effort if the tile doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing in the bathroom. Notwithstanding, the shower walls pose an entirely different concern. However, it is good to be prepared and think about your plans for renovation before installing those traditional tiles.

Maintenance and cleaning

Not all bathrooms are designed for hot showers. The steam is likely to cause issues like mold or mildew without appropriate ventilation. However, while choosing a shower wall tile material, it is good to consider the amount of time you can spare for cleaning and maintaining the walls. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain, but they often call for sealing or replacement to prevent possible damages.


Longevity is equally essential when visiting your local bathroom tiles Mississauga suppliers. Some tile materials like glazed porcelain sound costly at first. However, they are undoubtedly more durable than other cheaper tile options. Moreover, it is ideal to choose the shower tile option that is easy to clean, durable, and brittle. If you are not planning to redesign your bathroom in the next few years, it is ideal to invest in slightly expensive materials that are long-lasting.


You will not initially think about grouting when choosing a shower wall tile. It is nevertheless essential to consider since it helps maintain your bathroom. Grout lines are an essential element that is crucial for appearance and technical performance as well. However, they are also the breeding ground for mold, dirt, soap scum, and mildew. Additionally, there is no typical standard for the right grout size. Be aware that wider grouts can make the installation attractive but will likely call for regular cleaning.

Tile size

Your shower wall tile size hugely depends on the bathroom size. Moreover, your style preferences and budget will also affect your ultimate choice. If you are unsure about the most appropriate tile size, it is a good idea to research the most recent trends available at any local bathroom tile supplier Mississauga. Things to think about! Larger tiles make a space appear spacious, but they are tough to install, particularly on walls. Moreover, smaller tiles can give the area a sleek look but require more grouting and cutting.

Design your bathroom with the right shower wall tile

Knowing the suitable tile options for your shower wall will help you walk in the right direction. Once you reach that starting point, the rest will get through. However, in the best way possible, you will convert your bathroom into the space you envisioned.  

Moreover, if you are all set to start your bathroom remodeling project, contact a professional tile supplier to get the right help in choosing the best tile for shower walls.

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