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For a long time, Instagram’s best features were only accessible via the app. About Instagram views you use a desktop as frequently as you do a mobile device, you may find this frustrating.

Slowly but surely, though, the popular social media platform has added more and more app functions to its website. The story is a feature that is available both in the app and online.

Currently, Instagram reports that more than 500 million accounts use Stories every day. This is not unexpected. These small peeks into the lives of friends, family members, and strangers can be addictive.

If you haven’t worked out how to access Instagram Stories on your computer using the Instagram website, here are the steps.

Click-and-read narratives

Compared to seeing stories on the app, viewing stories on a computer is like viewing stories on a mobile device. Always located on the homepage are articles.

It is simply situated differently. Stories are always displayed at the top of the app’s homepage. They’re often located on the right-hand side of your computer’s homepage.

Therefore, to locate stories, visit (not your profile page). Afterwards, look to the right of the screen, beneath your profile photo and name.  Some narratives can be read. You can examine individual photos and scroll through the stories using the provided tools.

Does everything sound good to you? To view all of the available tales, click Watch All at the top of the box containing them. Afterwards, look to the right of the screen, beneath your profile photo and name.

exclusive to app-based story features

On the website, there are still unsupported Story features. Unfortunately, there is no method to silence an account’s stories outside of the app.

If you see something that makes you uncomfortable while watching a story, you can report it by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Additionally, you cannot add your own story at this time.


Keep in mind that, just like the app, the story’s author will know you’ve seen it once you’ve watched it. This means that if you are stalking an ex-partner or former employer, they will be aware. The app is required, though, if you want to examine tracking data.


Today, it appears that every social networking and messaging app under Facebook’s umbrella includes a story function inspired by Snapchat. Insta-stories debuted in August 2016 and have since become one of Instagram’s most popular features.

What if you want your message to remain online for longer than a day?  What if it’s a hilarious video or meme that you feel compelled to save and share later? There are many different ways to download Instagram Stories, and there are many other reasons (besides creepy stalking) to do so.

Get your downloadable content from a website.

Before moving on to the third-party apps (some of which are charged), it is a good idea to investigate if the Instagram Stories you require are available via a download page.

This approach is typically easier and does not require an Instagram login, but you may not be able to download stories if, for instance, the account is private.

You might use a variety of websites for the task. Tools are one of them and do not require any sort of sign-up. Story Saver is another. You can try out several similar websites, but they usually don’t have the same features as third-party apps.

Continue reading if you desire more specific control over downloading Instagram Stories.

 Employing a 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is one of the most capable cross-platform programs for Instagram-related tasks at present. Keep in a note, though, that the 4K Stogram’s premium version is required for the Stories download.

You have to sign in to your Instagram account from within 4K Stogram before you can start downloading stories. To access your account, select your user image from the top right.

After that, navigate to “Tools-> Preferences” to configure everything to your liking, including your download folder and how Instagram material is organized when downloaded, among other things.

Next, input the account name from which you wish to download stories into the 4K Stogram main box, then click the Settings button next to “Download” and choose “Download Stories.” Additionally, you can limit the time range from which you can download stories.

To start downloading, select the orange “Download” button.

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