The Lough Gill Distillery, part of the Hazelwood Demesne Ltd. distillery group, is a relatively new company. In late 2014, a group of investors raised EUR3 million and acquired the Lough Gill Estate. Today, Irish whiskey is the fastest growing spirits category in the world. While it is still a work in progress, it’s already a step closer to becoming a globally acclaimed brand.

Located in Co. Sligo, Ireland, the Lough Gill Distillery is a premium, no frills whiskey that’s a great choice for those who want to drink something different than your average bourbon. Its modern distillery was created by Italian master craftsmen and is capable of producing more than one million litres of alcohol a year and three million bottles of ultra-premium spirit. The distillery’s unique pot stills have been custom-designed for the process, and the entire production is triple distilled in the Irish tradition.

It’s inspired by a local landmark or legend

The Lough Gill Distillery is situated behind Hazelwood House in County Sligo, Ireland. Located on a peninsula surrounded by water, the eighty-acre property has a rich history that has included many industries, including brewing, bourbon and whiskey production. Originally the family’s seat, Hazelwood House is a landmark in its own right, making the site ideal for distillation and on-site maturation.

The distillery is situated on a peninsula surrounded by Lough Gill, and the company was founded in 2015. The company transformed an old warehouse complex in Hazelwood Forest, Co. Sligo, into a whiskey distillery. The four-year development project saw the distillery open for business in 2019. Today, the distillery uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality single malt whiskey.

It’s A Continuously Aged and Continually Released Brand from Pinhook

Lough Gill is an Irish whiskey produced by the Bruery distillery. The brand is produced in the Irish mountains, and is known for its unique, smooth finish. The distillery produces four different styles of the whiskey. The label design is based on the old-world style of the whisky. The whisky is aged for at least three years in bourbon casks before it is released. This whisky is a great gift for anyone who enjoys Irish whiskey.

It’s Made in Sligo

If you are looking for a fun day out, head to the Hazelwood House, an 18th century country house located on a 70-acre demesne just two miles south of Sligo, Ireland. The estate is owned by Hazelwood distillery, which produces Lough Gill Whiskey. This is a great place to meet the people behind this unique Irish product.

The Lough Gill Distillery is located in Sligo County, Ireland. The Lough Gill Distillery opened in 2019, amidst a picturesque landscape. The company was founded in 1819 and is surrounded by history and culture. The distillery was built by master craftsmen from Italy and was completed in 2019. It is now capable of producing more than 1 million litres of alcohol and three million bottles of ultra premium spirit each year. The whiskey is triple distilled, and the company’s house brand, Athru, is distilled using Irish heritage barley.

It’s A Sourced Whiskey

If you are a fan of Irish whisky, you have probably heard of the Lough Gill distillery. The distillery is in Sligo and is home to Billy Walker, the world-renowned master distiller.

The distillery is located in an 80-acre peninsula in County Sligo, Ireland, where Hazelwood House, a seventeenth-century Palladian mansion, once stood. Lieutenant General Owen Wynne bought the estate for PS20,000 in 1722. Hazelwood was surrounded by water and was a perfect place to distill whiskey. The estate had previously been the seat of the O’Connor family, but the distillery is on a former industrial site. Learn more about Lough Gill Whiskey.

It’s A Long Game

Athru whiskey is one of Ireland’s premium brands, and it’s the brainchild of Irish entrepreneur David Raethorne. The Lough Gill Distillery is part of a historic estate on the Wild Atlantic Way, including Hazelwood House, a landmark built by prominent architect Richard Cassels. It has lain empty since the 1980s, but Raethorne has plans to convert the estate into a tourist destination, creating a visitor center, and renovating Hazelwood House itself.

Lough Gill Distillery produces whiskey, which matures in ex-Tokaji wine casks. The wine casks were created in vineyards planted by Catherine the Great in Hungary. The result is a whiskey full of fruity notes. Although it is a long game, Lough Gill has already won several awards, including the Chairman’s Award for outstanding contribution to the Irish whiskey industry.

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