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A trip to Desert Safari Dubai has always been an exotic one and one of the most distinctive reasons for the tourists to go for it. The flora and fauna of the desert and the thrilling experiences allow you to unleash your hidden soul as a free spirit. The desert authorities are trying hard to satisfy the tourists to their great extent, but unluckily, they have to face some challenges like new staff, vehicle malfunctioning, notepad issues, movement of animals and Mother Nature. To provide an incredible desert safari to the guests, their immense strive to cope with these challenges is appreciable.

Before embarking on your excursion, you have to come through some basic things. Most of the people have some confusion in their minds regarding Desert Safari. These myths must be uncovered to make your pastime long lasting.

What Would Happen, If Your Car Gets Stuck In The Desert?

Most of the people have myths in their minds, that it would be inconvenient for their trip, if their vehicle gets stuck in the massive sandy piles. But there is no need to worry. As Desert Safari and sand bashing are inevitable for each other.  So, if you are car is obstructed, your journey would not be spoiled. The drivers are trained and expert. They know how to overcome this situation. Hence due to heavy-duty tyres, the vehicles don’t sink deeply in the sand. In other words, it would be fun for you to explore the adventurous experience of getting the vehicle out of the terrain.

Recommendation of the Best Safari by the Hotel Attendant:

The hotel concierge has contracts with Safari companies. Therefore, he is compelled to recommend you the contracted Safari.  Regardless whether it would be suitable for you or not, regarding the requirements of your time and your budget. Hence, online research is best to find out the packaged safari according to your needs.

All Desert Safaris Are Alike:

As the Safaris will be based on budget. So, the myth, that all desert safaris are same is not true. Safari organizers offer different kinds of safaris like Budget Safari, Medium and Luxurious Safari. Hence, the visitors would select the best packaged safari to make their itinerary memorable.

If People Get Lost In The Desert Safari?

Most of the people have myth that, if they get lost in the vast sandy terrain, they would never be able to return. But it is merely a myth. The aiding companies and the all-time alert guides/instructors are always there to help you to reach your fixed point.

Camel Ride Is Too Short:

The most striking myth is that, the camel ride is for a short distance and in a circle only. Unfortunately, it is not true.  The fact is that, the camel’s eyesight is as similar as human’s. They can’t see clearly in the dark. So, it will be a risk to continue the ride for a long route. The result would be, the camels get petrified in the night and run away in the dark desert with the risk of your life at stake.

Most Of The Safaris Are Always Crowded:

The best time to visit the Desert Safari is November to March. During peak season i.e., vacation, the desert safaris are cramped with people. So, this myth is false. In the off-season, there is an opportunity to have uncrowded Desert Safari with smooth journey.

Desert Safaris Are Expensive:

The myth that desert safari trips are very costly isn’t true. It only depends on the package with inclusions and time duration. The packages usually cost around 350-700 AED, but you can avail the rejuvenation by selecting any sort of deal, whether below and above your budget range.

Desert Safari Only For Adventurers:

This myth is not true that only adrenaline junkies would have fun in the desert. It is an ideal place for families also with many pacific activities. The only need is the selection of the type of safari tour.

Desert Safari Is Incomplete Without Dune Bashing:

Desert Safari is comprised of sand-bashing-fun-sports. Most of the people have thoughts, that Desert Safari is nothing without sand bashing. The main reasons to avoid the sand bashing are, it is harmful for the environment, risky for the kids, old retirees with neck and joint pains, and pregnant women. Therefore, the travel guides avoid dune bashing.

Belly Dancing & Tanora Are Both Traditional And Folk Dances:

These two lively dances are only the source of enjoyment which provide a chance to have a look on local culture. In other words, they have nothing to do with ancient and historical culture. These are not traditional folk dances so this myth goes wrong.

Witness Many Animals on the Desert Safari:

For the wildlife, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve has established some policies very strictly. Don’t feed the animals, don’t tease them, otherwise visitors get punishments. The myth that you get to view more animals in the desert may or may not be true. Because, it depends upon the season that animals would be witnessed or not.

Get The Best Deal In The Last Minute:

Some people think that they would have the perfect safari deal just in the last few minutes. If you do this you would only fit into the package rather than enjoying your journey. Desert Safaris are jammed only in holiday season. So, it’s better to book your Safari in advance and avoid the last moment rush.

Not For the Families:

One of the highlighted myths is that, Desert Safari is not for the families. But there is no reality in it. Desert Safari is the perfect and secure place for the families with toddlers and oldies. The only remarkable thing is to get the knowledge of the adventure type you want.

 In the light of above-mentioned uncovered myths, your confusing perplexity about the desert safari has gone away, and you will make your next itinerary more memorable with your ensured safety.

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