Outdoor Games for Adults Without Equipment

Outdoor Games for Adults Without Equipment

In a world of indoor games and gadgets, which are great fun and a good way to keep fit, outdoor games remain popular with all ages. They offer fresh air and a day in the outside world, perhaps outdoors with friends on a beautiful spring or summer day, can be bliss. Add a picnic to that and you’ve got the best of both worlds. What’s more there are many outdoor games for adults without equipment. Included in this Free PDF guide is:

Duck Duck Goose

This classic game can be played by as few as two people and up to 10. It’s best if you have a large open space like a park, but it can also be played in your backyard or on a basketball court. All you need are some balls and people!


Horseshoes is another classic outdoor game that has been around for centuries but still remains popular today because it doesn’t require any equipment at all! All you need is some smooth ground and a pair of metal stakes (or “horseshoes”). It’s best if there are two teams competing against each other, but you can also play individually if there aren’t enough players available.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, is a game that’s similar to traditional golf but instead of using clubs and balls you use only discs (also called flying discs). It can be played by two people or more depending on how many holes are available.


Tag is one of the most popular playground games in the world, and it’s easy to see why — it’s great exercise! All you need is a group of people, preferably with at least two teams, and some space where running around won’t be dangerous (like an open field). To play tag, one person from each team starts off as “it.” The goal is to tag another person from your team before the other team tags someone on their side. When someone gets tagged, they become “it” and start chasing down their own teammates until there’s only one player left standing.

Indoor Games Without Equipment


Draw a hangman game on a piece of paper, where each line represents a letter in a word. Write down a word and let your child try to guess it by asking you questions. Whoever is guessing has to guess all the letters in the word before they get hanged.


Make words by arranging tiles with letters on them into crossword-like grids. The first person to use up all their tiles is the winner. Scrabble is great for learning new words and spelling, as well as improving vocabulary and grammar skills.


One person thinks of something, then everyone else has to guess what that thing is without saying any of the words or phrases associated with it (e.g., “car,” “drive,” “parking”). If someone says one of those words or phrases, they have to put one finger down for each one used wrongly until all ten fingers are down – then you start again!

How to find Best Outdoor Games

1. Make a list of all the outdoor games you know and play as an adult

2. Think about which ones are your favourites, and why

3. Which outdoor games without equipment would you like to learn to play?

4. What are some other outdoor games that you can think of?

5. Make a list of these new outdoor games that you would like to try

6. Maybe look online for more ideas!

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