An engagement is a special occasion in which a person goes down on one knee and asks their partner to marry them. This is done with a help of an engagement ring which is the highlight of the engagement ceremony. It is a ring which holds promise and commitment that the couple will get married and remain faithful to each other. This engagement ring can be of several types, but the one that is most commonly used is a diamond solitaire engagement ring.

The diamond solitaire engagement ring has been used for marriage proposals for a very long time and remains popular even today. Despite the introduction of several new designs in the jewellery market, the solitaire engagement ring has not declined in popularity and continues to be the ring of choice for engagements. There are several reason for this. Let’s have a look at them.

Simple design

When it comes to rings, there is no other ring that has a more basic design than a solitaire ring. It is made of just two components, the metal ring band along with a singular stone. The stone can be any gemstone. Most people opt for diamonds but you can choose a coloured gemstone if you want something offbeat. The simple design of the solitaire ring is something that adds to the beauty of the ring and attracts people towards it.

Minimalistic jewellery

The modern generation of people prefer their jewellery to be minimalistic because it exudes elegance. A solitaire ring represents minimalism in the most perfect way because of its simple design. There is no extra intricate details that complicate the design and the focus is only on the singular diamond perched on top of the band without any other stone to steal the show.

Opportunity to customize

Unlike popular belief, solitaire rings provide you with several options to customize them according to your tastes. With so many gemstones, ring settings and metal available in the market, you can create a ring of your choice. You can choose among gold or platinum band that can hold a gemstone of your choice in a setting that can be traditional prong setting or the more modern tension setting. You can also engrave a personal message to make it special.


The simple design of the solitaire ring also make it an extremely versatile jewellery that you can wear with absolutely anything. It adds class when you are dressing up for a formal occasion and enhances your casual outfits as well. It can easily be stacked with other rings such as diamond pave ring or a gold wedding band. Since a solitaire ring gives you plenty of opportunities to wear it, it is recommended as a staple in every woman’s jewellery collection.

Stress free shopping

Buying a solitaire ring is comparatively easier than buying a three stone engagement ring. This is the reason why most men who are planning a surprise proposal for their partners choose a solitaire ring. A solitaire ring is something that you can never go wrong with and you are certain that your partner will love it.

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