The most significant memories you have of your life are at home. Apart from the architecture of the residences in the USA, the people’s lifestyles and environment are entirely different. As such, the Vaastu for home, as per the astrologer in Australia, is brimming with affection, happy memories, and laughter. 

They also act as a representation of individuals’ objectives and aims in life for many people. Homes assist us in managing all of our daily activities, including eating, sleeping, having parties, and creating priceless memories. 

They ought to infuse your life with positive energy because they serve as our places of safety and comfort. Therefore, if you’re seeking strategies to raise the energy and mood in your home, we’ve got you covered. 

Vastu Shastra is what?

The ancient Vedic philosophy of building, known as Vaastu shastra, enables individuals to attract good fortune into their dwellings. They assist you in making the most of nature’s treasures by offering architectural guidance on the principles of design, layout, and measures.

The five elements of the universe, sea, light, sky, and wind, are combined in these gifts. When the five components harmoniously blend, nature may establish its beauty inside our dwellings. By guaranteeing a free flow of positive energy, they also contribute to our lives health, prosperity, happiness, and success.

With these 7 Vastu Shastra suggestions, your home’s good energy will soar! 

1. Declutter everything three times

The first Vastu Shastra principle is to encourage the unrestricted movement of energy. Therefore, anything that prevents you from moving forward could control the power from emerging. Get rid of clothing, jewelry, furniture, or household goods that are no longer useful.

2. Make a Positive First Impression

Ensure that your home’s primary door or entrance promotes energy growth and pleasant entry. Avoid painting it black or mounting mirrors directly in front.

These elements may reflect the energy without actually entering your house. The saying “initial impressions are lasting” is true!

3. Maintaining cleanliness is the key to sanity

An unclean environment is a symptom of persistent lousy energy. Himalayan rock salt can scrub your floors and increase indoor hygiene.

Cleanliness will bring new life into your area and eliminate all the dangerous pollutants. So tidy up your room now and let the good vibes flow!

4. Use plants to decorate your space

The natural world is genuinely reflected in plants. So utilize plants as decor to change the energy of the room! According to Vastu Shastra, plum blooms and flowering plants balance the five components..

5. Place Items Appropriately

Using the Vastu Shastra as a guide, you can position your furniture and other household goods to enhance energy flow. Each object in each room, starting with the living room and ending with the dining area, has a particular place, according to Vastu. For instance, placing large pieces of furniture in the living room facing southwest is preferable.

Except for the South-East, all other directions, according to Vaastu Shastra, are better for a bedroom. Various locations all have different layouts. For instance, the design of Navi Mumbai differs from that of Chennai, just as the forms of other nations differ. According to astrologer in Melbourne, the application of Vaastu for a domicile in the USA will be different from that of India or any other foreign country.

Place your furniture and other belongings in the proper locations, then relax and enjoy the magic of nature!

6. Color Combinations Matter

Sometimes it might be challenging to decide on a color scheme for your house. Colors, however, can be crucial in establishing your home’s vibe.

Light colors will instantly change the atmosphere and tone of your home, while dark hues in smaller spaces can make you feel confined. Practitioners advise that light shades that make the room appear basic, including white, pink, and beige, increase the area’s beauty.

7. Make Smart Decorative Item Selections

According to Vastu Shastra, broken ceramics and graphic art draw harmful energy into your home. Therefore, avoid using decorative things that can endanger you or your loved ones.

So now is the time to buy any new d├ęcor goods you’ve wanted! Purchase your ornamental things by Vastu Shastra to rid your home of all bad energy.


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