Wayanad: A travel guide to The Beautiful City



Wayanad is a district in the northeast of the southern state of Kerala. It is the only plateau situated in Kerala, giving diverse landscapes to the state. This plateau forms the continuation of the Mysore plateau and also the southern portion of the Deccan plateau. It is aligned at a high altitude of about 700 to 2100 meters at the western ghats. the Bangalore to Wayanad Distance is almost 280 KM.

The destination is famous for the tribes residing in the area. The Kabini river, which is the main tributary of the Kaveri river originates at Wayanad, providing a mesmerizing view for tourists. The captivating scenery is eye soothing and will revive your soul. 

Best time to visit Wayanad

The best time of the year to visit Wayanad is from October to May. During this period the environment has a wild misty breeze that increases the thrill of visiting Wayanad. During the winters the weather is idle and you will get perfect thermic conditions to relish the aesthetic scenery. During this time the temperature tends to down to 10 degrees Celsius. Hence winters are the best season to visit this place. The weather is perfect at this time to enjoy sightseeing in this heavenly destination.

How to reach Wayanad

Wayanad has perfect connectivity with major cities of the country using airways, railways, and also by roads.

By air:-

The proximate airport from Wayanad is the Calicut International Airport distanced at 65 km from the destination. Tourists can avail of flights from all the major cities leading to Calicut. When you arrive at Calicut, various taxis or buses are plying Wayanad. 

By railways:-

Wayanad being a small district is not directly connected by rail. The nearest railway station is Kozhikode which is 100 km away from Wayanad. Numerous trains connect Kozhikode with all the prominent cities and towns of India. Outside the railway station, an ample number of taxis and buses are available for tourists to reach the heavenly site of Wayanad. It has nice and frequent connectivity with prominent cities and also it is budget friendly for travelers.

By road:-

A broad network of roads gives access to Wayanad from different parts of Kerala as well as the state of Karnataka. Tourists can board KSRTC buses that run up to Kozhikode at regular intervals from nearby cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Kochi, Chennai, and Trivandrum. Buses and taxis to Wayanad are also available all the time.

Places to visit in Wayanad

This place is situated amidst various mountains of the western ghats. There are many places to visit and enjoy sightseeing at Wayanad, some of the prominent sites must visit are:-

The Banasura Sagar dam across the Karamanathodu River provides the best ambiance and scenes to explore. It is the largest earth dam in India and the second-largest dam in Asia. One of the most fascinating sites is the islands in the dam’s reservoir, which was designed when the reservoir submerged the surrounding areas during the monsoon season. The tourists can even enjoy the thrill of boating at the river and trekking at the Banasura hills. The panoramic beauty of the place attracts numerous travelers throughout the year. 

You can even visit famous spiritual temples like Shri Ayyappa Mandir, Shri Nath Mandir, and Nirur Shiva Mandir situated very near Banasura Sagar Dam.

The Edakkal caves showcase natural skill, architecture, and ancient philosophy. The name means the stone in between, which resembles its beautiful architecture. This cave is famous for its pictorial paintings. To reach the caves, tourists have to trek through the Ambukuthi Mala. The 45-minute trek to the destination is worthy of the panoramic site of the caves. This place is said to have links with the Indus Valley civilization as well. This place will take you back to the time of our glorifying history.

 There are various other places to visit and explore in Wayanad. Kuruva Island is a protected river delta that provides peculiar geology which enhances the beauty of the island. 

Chembra peak which is the highest peak in Wayanad is a must to visit and relish the adventurous trekking expedition. The mesmerizing natural beauty of the site will leave you in awe. And there are many other sites to visit and enjoy your time. 


If you are looking forward to some harmony and tranquility away from the humdrum of vigorous life, Wayanad is the place to pay a visit. The place is full of marvels and joy and at the same time, it has abeyance and peace which will refurbish your soul and mind and give you the best memories to treasure.

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