Once I was an autograph collector but the craze of collecting autographs from the athlete is over. But the process of asking for autographs from an athlete or your favorite personality is interesting. But we should keep one thing in mind: most athletes are busy and it may take some time to respond, so we should not disturb them. Try not to send mail directly to their address as it will give a creepy feel to the athlete and I also find this distasteful to disagree.

Some athletes are so friendly that they are always willing to give autographs. There are a lot of ways by which you can get autographs from your favorite athletes. Well, you can also buy authentic hand-signed collectibles at affordable prices by using Steiner Sports Coupons in your shopping. However, there are other ways too by which you can get an autograph.  

Spring Training

If you are fond of collecting autographs from your favorite athlete then spring training is one of those places by which you can get a free autograph. And athletes are more welcoming to their fans in such places. The best time to get autographs from players of all calibers is if you can make Florida or Arizona in February. In spring training, players are more relaxed and there is a great chance to spend more time with players and ask them for autographs. And players are also excited about meeting with their teams. Players spend 5 or 10 minutes before or after practices signing autographs for their fans, even famous athletes too. 

Try To Reach The Team Hotel 

If you successfully make it to the hotel where the team is staying, then you can easily ask for an autograph. And it is easy to find out which hotel they are staying in because there are only a few hotels that will always host the visiting team in each city. You can also find it through social media because I’m sure super fans in your town will post where the team is staying.

But here you need to be very patient, as it requires a lot of waiting time. If you are a crazy fan of any athlete then wait until they come out from the hotel. However, it is one of the ways where there is a high chance you can successfully get an autograph because here you can get smaller crowds to compete against.

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Ask Via Mail 

Many people prefer this way of getting autographs by asking via email. It is easy, you just simply ask humbly your favorite athlete to give a hand-signed short or anything, and mail back them. Some people give their mailing addresses to them so that they can mail back them with a positive response.

You only need to know the address of the athlete to mail otherwise you can email them too. This technique is most successful for retired players because players who are still in the league have a great chance of not getting their item back or receiving it back unsigned. 

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