What are the Top Google Ranking Factors

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Designing an attractive and informative website is not enough in this competitive digital era. Your website should be search engine friendly. It must rank high in Google search results to drive organic traffic and increase your brand visibility. If you are struggling to figure out how to achieve top search engine ranking then this piece of writing is a must-read for you. Here, you will learn about the top Google ranking factors that play a vital role in determining your rank in the search results.

7 Key Factors that Impact Google Ranking

There are hundreds of Google ranking factors as the popular search engine assesses websites on various parameters to provide the most suitable search results to its users. This is what makes it the most popular search engine of all time. It currently enjoys more than 85% of the search engine market share. If you want to create a dominant online presence then it is important to learn the key factors that affect your Google ranking and work on them. Here is a brief look at seven of the most important factors:

1.   Include High-Quality Keyword Rich Content

The content you upload on your web pages plays a major role in determining your website’s Google ranking. After all, users visit your website mainly to grab information.  Your content should be fresh, unique, informative and interesting. It should not look like a replica of content present on other similar websites. Likewise, the images you choose must be vibrant, attractive and relevant. Your content should also include relevant keywords. Keywords play an important role in determining your website’s ranking.

You must also ensure proper sentence structuring. The overall structure of the content should also be intact.

2.  Ensure Good Page Loading Speed

In this fast paced world, everyone craves speed. No one likes a website that takes too long to load. Users tend to leave such sites and move to the next available option no matter how informational or engaging their content may appear. This is why Google pays particular attention to the page load speed while determining a website’s ranking. If you do not qualify here all your efforts are likely to go down the drain.

3.  Incorporate Backlinks

Backlinks are important from an SEO point of view. Statistics reveal that websites that achieve the number one position in Google search results have 3.8 times more backlinks compared to the rest of the top search results. You must include quality backlinks to ensure your website ranks high. Strong link authority also helps websites rank high in voice search.

It is essential to assess a site’s domain ratings, domain authority and page authority to determine the backlinking quality.  Backlinks should be embedded seamlessly in the content. They must not look unnecessarily stuffed.

4.  Update the Website Content Regularly

Creating a website may seem like a one-time task but it is not. You cannot create a website, float it online and forget about it. Such a website has no relevance and wouldn’t do any good to your business. It is as good as having no website at all.

Your website should be updated and maintained regularly in order to stay in the good books of search engines. You should update it regularly with the latest and most relevant content. Any latest news about your industry, your latest product launches, new offers and other such information should be updated on your site on a regular basis.  Seek reliable SEO services in Faridabad to update and maintain your website and make it search engine friendly.

5.  Use a Mobile Friendly Design

Google’s ranking parameters change from time to time to match the latest user demands and trends. With a drastic increase in the number of people accessing the internet through their mobile phones, Google has started giving high weightage to the website design. It prefers websites with responsive design as these websites fit all kinds of devices equally well and offer a great browsing experience whether you browse them on your mobile, tablet or laptop. You do not have to zoom the content or make other adjustments while browsing responsive sites on your mobile. If your site lacks mobile friendly design then you may not be able to grab top position in the search results.

6.  Make it User Friendly

The structure of your website must be user-friendly in order to rank high. This is to say that it should be easy to navigate through. All the necessary information should be clearly visible. It should have clearly defined tabs and links to move back and forth. Google is a smart search engine that skims through all these points in a fraction of seconds and eliminates the websites that do not qualify the criteria.

7.  Strengthen Your Website’s Security

Among other things, Google pays particular attention to your website’s security system. To ensure this, your website should be on HTTPS. This is because it encrypts the data exchange between your site and the user’s browser there by offering a safe browsing experience. Your website should also acquire SSL certificates as a proof that it is safe to browse and does not hamper user privacy. These are essential Google ranking factors. If you are missing out on them then it is time to upgrade your website to match Google’s security standard.

We are sure this will help you understand why it is important to learn about the key Google ranking factors and incorporate them. Including high quality keyword rich content, strengthening your website’s security, opting for a responsive website design, incorporating backlinks, updating the website with latest and relevant content, ensuring fast page load speed and creating a user-friendly site are among some of the main Google ranking factors. It is important to work on them to rank high in search engine results. If your website isn’t ranking high then chances are you are missing out on one or more of these points. Identify the issue and fix it to improve your ranking and drive organic traffic. After all, organic search contributes to the best ROI. We recommend hiring the best SEO company in Faridabad to further this task.

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