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If your vehicle breaks down, Roadside Assistance Houston can help you arrange towing. There are many stances where you require towing, for example if you have flat tyres, or you ran out of gas, or your fuel is over or engine got overheated. Apart from these reasons some others are like if your car has got stuck in the snow or mud or you simply locked yourself out of the car.

Towing is a very common problem and often everyday in the roadside you will notice someone or the other’s vehicle getting towed. There are different types of towing and in this article we will look into one of them in detail.

Let us first look at genuine companies that provide towing service at an affordable rate.There are different towing companies providing towing services. One such trusted company is United Roadside and Towing Service that is doing business for the past 30 years. Started in the year 1992, the company is known to provide services like Service failure, Lock Service, Winch service, Tire change, Towing service for cars, Towing flat cars, Towing motorcycles and Emergency towing

Booking their services is also very simple and all you have to do is take your phone, open their website and call them up. They will come to help you no matter when and where you are as they provide 24*7 services in Houston. This company is known for providing 100% customer satisfaction for around 30 years and they are constantly improving through customer feedback.

There are many types of towing and United Roadside and Towing Service provides all of them. Let us look in detail into one if its type of towing, i.e. the Hook and Chain Towing.

This is one most popular and most used towing trucks. Many people think of this truck when they think of a tractor. Hook and Chain Tow truck has a hook visible on the back. The hook is attached to the axle or bumper of your vehicle. The chain is wrapped around the car frame. With the all set, there are cantilevers that lift the car off the ground, and the rear wheels stay in place. A truck towed with the rear end of the car on the ground.

This hook and chain  tow truck design  started the towing industry but is now out of use due to the damage it does to vehicles. Lifting the car with all the chains wrapped can cause considerable damage. The hook and chain track is still great for wrecked cars and is commonly seen in these situations. If you have a 4×4 vehicle, it is not recommended to use a hook and chain tow truck as it may damage the rear wheel. These hook and chain tow trucks can be used when your car gets stuck in a ditch or mud. This is a powerful truck that helps your vehicle to come out of mud or snow easily. It is one of the most common sights in road also. You can often see other vehicle being towed by this process.

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