Baby Safety Belt

In a car, children are far more vulnerable than adults, so taking the time to make sure you’re using the proper kid seat (restraint) or booster could save your child’s life. When drivers and passengers do not use seat belts, they are more likely to be murdered or seriously hurt.

Select The Appropriate Child Car Seat for Your Child

Your child’s height or weight should be taken into consideration while selecting a child car seat or restraint.

For kid restraint systems, there are two European standards. Regulations 44 and 129 are the ones in question (or i-Size). A label with a capital ‘E’ in a circle will appear on seats produced to either standard, as illustrated in the image.

The label will state if the child’s car seat is compliant with Regulation 44 or Regulation 129. (i-Size). The weight and age recommendations for Regulation 44 kid car seats are based on weight. Regulation 129 (or i-Size) child car seats have a maximum weight and are based on height/length. The weight limit or maximum height/length for which the child car seat is intended can be found on the label.

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Automobiles, Minibuses, Vans, And Other Commercial Vehicles

Any youngster under the age of 14 must wear a seat belt or the appropriate child restraint, according to the driver. Any kid restraint used must meet either Regulation 44.04 or Regulation 129 of the European Union’s safety regulations (also known as i-Size seats).

All children up to 135cm (4ft 5in) tall or 12 years old (whichever comes first) must use a suitable child restraint – that is, one that is appropriate for your child’s height or weight.

For failing to use the proper kid restraint, a £60 fixed penalty fine and three penalty points are imposed. If the matter proceeds to court, the maximum penalties for any occupant in the automobile could be increased to £500.

From Birth to 3 Years Old

Children under the age of three must be restrained with a proper child restraint. Only one exception exists:

If the appropriate child restraint is not available, a kid under the age of three may travel unrestrained in the back of a taxi or minibus.

The use of rear-facing baby seats in front seats with front airbags is prohibited unless the airbag has been deactivated.

From 3 to 12 Years Old

Children aged three to twelve years and up to 135cm in height (about 4ft 5in) have to use the appropriate child restraint in vehicles equipped with seat belts.

These children are allowed to travel in the back of the car with an adult seat belt with three exceptions:

If the right child restraint is not available for a short distance, in an unexpected need – if the right child restraint is not available where two occupied child restraints in the back prevent the fitting of a third child seat and no suitable child restraint is available for use in the front passenger seat

There is even an exception for youngsters who have a medical certificate stating that wearing a seat belt is not recommended due to medical reasons.

A youngster who is taller than 135cm must use a seat belt if one is available.

Children Aged 12 to 13 years or Who Are Taller Than 135cm

Where a seat belt is available, children aged 12 or 13 years or over 135cm in height (regardless of age) must use it.

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