This is the most common complaint of the couple – their sexuality has died down, the passion they used to feel in the early years has given way to a lonely life day by day. You can blame the kids, the dog, the job, or the house, and you’d be right about everything…but choosing to lead your big girl starts with you and you. If the idea of ​​becoming or nurturing your inner sex goddess doesn’t appeal to you, rest assured that women have so many personality types…and some just won’t mesh with the concept and commitment of erotic sex as a form of communication. There is no right or wrong way to be passionate about your soulmate.

For those of us with a sensual underbelly, you know who you are, girls who always flaunt their claws and nails with some flair. to stop traffic, if you’re on foot – that’s you. The idea of ​​making love for hours on end is overwhelming, and I understand that. I want to kiss the guy I love for two hours… it’s amazing. I could do this every day for the rest of my life. I’ve learned a lot about the tantric concepts of love over the past few months for exactly this reason – I love it. Considering that I am still his number one fan and know all of his flaws and failures, the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit is the most unique and priceless gift I can receive.

Sexual arousal is the most misunderstood part of marital sex. Psychologists refer to the “committed but unmotivated sex life” of couples seeking counseling as a career relationship. In this situation, both people are involved in their intimate relationship with each other with all of the above…children, homes, work, the last fight, hatred, conflict or hurt feelings. It’s all in the bedroom, never left, never dissolved. The couple seems to be “finding themselves”, but in reality they live almost two separate lives. They make time for sex and children. In many marriages, love is associated with an intimate need for her (safety and security) and a natural desire for her. This is an adolescent pattern characterized by shame about sexual intimacy and unfulfilled desires, mixed with an unwillingness to grow or experience it in a relationship context.

What is the connection between sexual love and healthy relationships? good question Sexuality is often seen as a negative or “dirty” concept in the adult video section where pretty girls don’t do well. In fact, sexual arousal is very satisfying for a couple and can actually improve your intimate relationship with your partner. The essence of sensual sex is far from pornography (although many couples find it a pleasant aid to intimacy) or actions driven by risky impulses… instead, it is about fun, mystery, curiosity and creative intimacy. absolutely free.

You can make your seduction super sexy with the power of cologne. Most importantly, cologne increases your condition. The wife loves to have sex with a man of high standing.

• Use sexual power: If you want to have very sexy sex with your wife, you must use sexual power with passion. A woman drools over a passionate and reliable man. A man’s craving for power and a strong stance creates anticipation in love making sessions. Unfortunately, most couples lose their sexual dominance in long-term relationships. They do not have passionate sex with their wives and turn themselves into ordinary lovers.

If you want to improve sex with your spouse, you need to use dominant sexual movements. For example, hug her from behind and make her feel your hard penis against her butt. Fuck her deep, fast and hard. Seize it with your dominance and kiss it hard

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