You may choose any course to begin your career in your selected sector, but determining which one corresponds with your interests and would be satisfying is a difficult question to answer. We have included a few job-related courses for you to consider after 12th grade. Continue reading to gather knowledge that will assist you in making a better decision. You can also do it hospitality courses after 12th.

Aeronautical Engineering

The aeronautical engineering course syllabus covers learning about all of the aircraft’s components. Aeronautical engineering courses are structured in a diverse manner. The course has a broad scope and allows you to go further into topics including design engineering, research, and aircraft maintenance.

Aeronautical engineers frequently contribute to special-purpose aircraft designed for specialised missions such as warfighting. Because a nation’s demand for a highly developed aerospace domain is critical, aeronautical engineering degrees are among the top job-oriented courses available after the 12th grade.

Pharmaceutical courses

If working in the medical industry piques your interest, pharmaceutical courses might be a terrific alternative.

• Clinical Research Associate

 • Pharmacist

• Drug Researcher

• Lab Technician

• Drug Inspector and more similar employment are available.

You may also advance your career by getting a Master’s degree in pharmaceutical courses. Aside from a Master’s degree, you may also pursue an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management.

Nutritionist and Dieticians

Nutritionists and dieticians are heavily recruited by hotels, hospitals, restaurants, quick food chains, food processors, and manufacturers. Employment development in these areas is enormous since the world is becoming more aware of the value of exercise and healthy eating. This makes it one of the greatest job-related courses available after the 12th grade. After finishing your secondary education, you can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Culinary Arts

A degree in Culinary Arts may lead to a rewarding career in hotels and restaurants all around the world. In the discipline, you can get a diploma or a bachelor’s degree. You can also choose from a variety of specialities within the subject. Opportunities are worldwide and endless as knowledge and competence expand.

Forensic Sciences

Despite advances in various research areas, there is still much more to be done in the field to make forensic procedures easier than previously. As the world’s population and crime rates continue to climb, so does the demand for precise and comprehensive forensic services and expertise. For these reasons, forensic sciences is one of the top job-oriented courses available after the 12th grade.

You may enrol in this wonderful course after completing the 12th grade. You might work for police departments, the National Investigation Agency, or other law enforcement organisations as a forensic investigator.

Graphic Designing

A career in graphic design allows you to express yourself via visual representations. Individuals who like drawing and sketching can consider taking graphic design classes. They encourage you to think beyond the box, to have a strong sense of aesthetics, and to create original thoughts.

A graphic design certification, commonly known as desktop publishing (DTP), will provide you with critical design and technical abilities that will help you build a solid basis for a successful career.

Space Technology

Professional courses after 12th commerce are those that allow you to find a job right away.

Given the prospect of space travel and research, space technology has become a very promising worldwide job that requires qualified experts to achieve its objectives.

Courses in space technology are provided at the graduate, postgraduate, diploma, and doctoral levels. Aside from traditional ways of instruction, other e-learning platforms provide Space Technology courses.


After the 12th grade, aviation is another excellent job-oriented course. Some of the diplomas available in the aviation business include:

• Airport Management Diploma

• Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Diploma

• Heavy Aircraft Maintenance Diploma

Fashion Technology

Fashion has become an essential part of our daily life. Fashion’s broad popularity makes it one of the greatest job-oriented subjects available after the 12th. You might begin with a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in the discipline.

You may either start your own fashion brand or collaborate with a well-known designer. Growth in experience and competence, as in other disciplines, may extend your horizon.


A diploma or a bachelor’s degree can assist individuals break into and advance in the banking, finance, and insurance industries. The bachelor’s degree programme will provide you with in-depth knowledge of taxation, business, law, auditing, economics, and other relevant subjects.

The banking industry will allow you to expand your knowledge and talents in a variety of disciplines. It offers a wide range of prospects and rapid professional progress, as well as a respectable compensation and other benefits as your expertise improves. This makes banking a lucrative career path. To get started in the area, you can enrol in a BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) programme.

What we have to say

Because sectors are always changing, so are job markets. Being up to date on the newest developments will only help you choose the best job-related courses after the 12th.

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