Your health is essential. We’re here to help you understand why driving to a colonoscopy clinic Mississauga is so crucial. You may have heard that a colonoscopy is the best way to detect colorectal cancer (CRC), and you’re right. Studies show that regular screenings can reduce your risk of CRC by up to 50 percent, and they’re one of the most important ways to protect yourself from this disease.

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a procedure that allows your doctor to look inside your colon to check for abnormal growths and blood vessels. It involves inserting a flexible tube with a tiny camera attached into your rectum, then moving it through the entire length of your colon.

The exam takes about 45 minutes and is done under general anesthesia so that you will be asleep during this time. Your doctor will also use local anesthesia if he thinks it would be helpful for you (this may depend on how sensitive or anxious you are). You’ll need someone else to drive home after getting up from the table following surgery; most people can go home within an hour after waking up from the procedure!

How to Identify the Warning Signs of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is often called “the silent killer” because it’s usually diagnosed at an advanced stage. This means many people don’t find out they have colorectal cancer until it has already spread to other areas of their body. The warning signs include:

  • Abdominal pains
  • Bloating
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Blood in stools
  • Narrow/thin stools
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • A change in bowel habits
  • Weight loss
  • Cramps

If you have any of these symptoms, contact your doctor right away. Tests are available to help determine if you have colorectal cancer or other digestive conditions.

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If you’ve been recommended for a colonoscopy, we can help.

We understand that the thought of having this procedure done can be intimidating and even frightening. But our team will do everything possible to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Canadian Place Endoscopy Clinic in Mississauga

Our doctors are highly trained in performing colonoscopies and other procedures such as endoscopies and gastroscopies. They use cutting-edge medical tech for accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Your health is essential. Get the care you deserve.

When you have a health condition, it is crucial that you research the best colonoscopy doctors near me in Mississauga and get the proper treatment. A colonoscopy can help make sure that your colon is healthy and free of disease.

  • It’s recommended that people over 50 get screened for colorectal cancer every ten years (or more often if they are at high risk).
  • During the procedure, an endoscope passes through your rectum into the large intestine (colon), removing tissue samples from inside this part of your digestive tract. These samples are then examined under a microscope by a pathologist who looks for signs of cancer or pre-cancerous growths called polyps.
  • The preparation process takes about one week before you go into surgery. Drink enough water to empty your intestines before surgery for a clear examination. If necessary, medications may be prescribed to reduce anxiety before surgery. Afterward, there will likely be some discomfort from gas pains, but these should subside within 24 hours. You can expect to feel better within 48 hours after having this procedure done on yourself!


We understand that the thought of getting a colonoscopy can be scary. But don’t worry! Canadian Place Endoscopy is there to help you through this process and answer any questions. Call us at (416) 626-2100, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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