Choosing the right EHR Software for your medical practice can be a daunting task. But if you know what you are looking for, you will be able to find the best solution for your business. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to get from My Vision Express EHR Software.


Having an EyeMed EHR means you can focus your attention on marketing and patient care. The EHR is also backed by a seasoned team of professionals who are dedicated to making sure your data is protected and your patients are happy.

As a bonus, EyeMed is fully integrated with the MEDITECH Data Repository, so you can rely on your data being stored and processed in a safe and secure environment. The software is also endorsed by the American Hospital Association, so you know you’re in good hands.

EyeMed’s suite of tools is a good fit for any hospital or health system looking to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. With more than 500 national quality measures, the software is a good match for any provider looking to enhance patient care.

Improved clinical efficiency:

Practicing physicians, clerical staff, and clinical support staff need to be trained on how to best use the EHR. The best training is one that is conducted within the context of the practice team. By aligning goals and communication pathways, teams can work more effectively.

Intentional efforts can help reduce the “us-versus-them” dynamic that can arise when organizations and leaders differ in their goals. These efforts can help create a safer environment for patients. They also can preserve time for complex medical decisions.

Atrius Health engaged physicians, nurses, and advanced practice clinicians in training. The organization implemented several EHR optimization strategies. The results were positive. The practice achieved an increase in clinical efficiency and fewer medical errors.

For example, the use of EHR order sets in critical health conditions increased significantly. Physicians completed advanced EHR training and reported significantly better EHR performance.

Improved staff productivity:

Having an EHR (Electronic Health Record) at your disposal can help improve your staff productivity. There are numerous benefits of using an EHR such as better patient care and a reduced workload. In addition, having an EHR can also make for a better work-life balance.

Although an EHR can be costly to purchase, there are several ways to make it do the heavy lifting for you. Purchasing an EHR selector service can also help you find the best EHR for your practice.

A good EHR system will be easy to use and maintain. It should be able to expand to meet your growing needs. Likewise, it should have features that make it a worthwhile purchase.

EHRs can also provide your practice with a myriad of data pertaining to the patients you serve. For instance, having an EHR at your disposal can help reduce the number of duplicate tests you perform and increase your productivity by sending out alerts about your patient’s medical status.

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Integrations with Eyefinity VSP:

Using EHR software, eye care practices can streamline and automate processes, save time, and increase revenues. Eyefinity EHR is one of the most popular EHR software solutions on the market. With Eyefinity, clinicians can access their patient’s medical records at any time. It also helps staff get ahead on appointment preparation, reducing the time spent on per-patient tasks.

Eyefinity EHR’s unique software combines key integrations and practice-learning technology to help eye care practices save time, improve revenue, and grow. It has also helped practices nationwide cut down on per-patient tasks.

Eyefinity Practice Management automates day-to-day tasks, including online scheduling and billing. It uses the latest technology to streamline billing processes and automate electronic remittances. In addition to these features, Eyefinity can also pull multiple VSP patient authorizations at once. This streamlines patient-doctor communication, increases cash flow, and streamlines staff efficiency.

ONC-ACB Certified 2015 Edition Complete EHR:

Among the key features of My Vision Express EHR 2015 Edition Complete EHR Software is the Quick Order feature, which allows users to easily create orders and prescriptions. This feature reduces errors and speeds up reimbursements. It also enables paperless eye examinations.

The education resources screen is found in the File > Setup menu and displays a list of patient education resources. Users can also add a new education resource to the list. In addition, the Extended Search button allows users to search for patients with a variety of medical problems, allergies, and immunizations. Moreover, users can generate recall letters periodically.

In addition, users can also provide patient data in any type of electronic media. Users can also export patient data in CCD format.

Additionally, users can specify recall dates in the patient profile. A user’s recall letter must be sent periodically. Moreover, the patient’s medical records must be provided in a timely manner.

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