The Prince Charlie Jacket is arguably the most well-known of all the numerous kilt jacket varieties. When looking for a jacket to wear as formal or evening attire, it is typically the one that most people choose.

Because they highlight the design and pattern of your kilt in a manner that no other style of jacket can, these jackets are the most stylish and regal coats that can be worn with a kilt. With the Prince Charlie Jacket comes a vest or waistcoat. The most common colour for these coats is black, however they can be created in a variety of ways. Many people who wear kilts choose to match their coats to their kilts by adding colourful accents to the lapels that correspond to the colour of their kilt or the clan tartan. Additionally, they can be found in other hues, such as a rich royal blue.

The key aspect of this jacket is that it is fitted to fit its wearer well. It also has silver-toned buttons on the arms, tails, and front.

Prince Charlie kilt jackets in tartan

Although deep blue and black Charlie Prince jackets are the most popular, you can also purchase them in any other colour or in the same tartan as your kilt.

For a bolder look, some people choose for a solid colour that either contrasts or enhances the kilt. These Prince Charlie tartan jackets are crafted from pure, heavy worsted barathea acrylic wool, which is extremely pleasant to wear. They are available in several weights, including the most well-liked 13-ounce and 15-ounce materials. They are also ideal for wearing. Because any wrinkles that develop while bending or sitting can readily smooth themselves out again on their own. The inner of the jacket has pockets on both sides.

However, because they might ruin the jacket’s appearance, they are more for show than for practical usage. They are generally worn with a Victorian collared shirt and a ruched tie or a wedding shirt with a bowtie.

Any person wearing a kilt to a formal gathering must wear a Prince Charles costume. Not only are they fashionable and in style right now, but they will always be in style, so make sure you have one or more on hand.

Scottish kilt jackets in a variety of patterns and styles

The Prince Charlie is typically worn with off-white hose, pride ghillie brogues, a sporran, and a bow tie hence we have also made the charles kilt accessible for buy. Kilt jackets typically run neat plz visit our blog do irish wear kilts .

Why was Prince Charlie given a jacket in his honour?

Along with Robert Burns and William Wallace, Charles Edward Stuart, sometimes known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, is undoubtedly one of the most well-known figures in Scottish history. The eldest child of James Francis Edward Stuart and the great-grandson of King James II and VII of England, Scotland, and Ireland was Prince Charlie. He led the Jacobite army in a futile attempt to retake the country for his father in 1745. He was the Stuart pretender to the British throne after 1766.

According to legend, Prince Charlie was an attractive and endearing young man who was widely liked by everyone who backed his claim. Many people think the Prince Charlie jacket was inspired by the frequent depictions of him wearing a doublet and tartan coat. The Prince Charlie jacket only appeared in the early 20th century, which seems like a long time for this to be accurate even though there may be some truth to it.The Prince Charlie jacket, according to popular perception, was created as a contemporary replacement for the formal doublet for younger gentlemen, and tailors’ decision to name it after Prince Charlie was only clever marketing. You can observe some similarities between the jacket and a jazz age tuxedo jacket as well as a military cut coatee, suggesting that it was made in the midst of the jazz age. It was a fantastic replacement for the clothes that people’s grandfathers wore at the time.

The Prince Charlie jacket has been around since it was first designed and is still the standard for formal occasions. Epaulets and chrome buttons are added to the black jacket. Because of its distinctive short waist cut, the jacket only extends past the top of the kilt and has tails at the back. A matching black waistcoat with either a classic 3 button or a more contemporary 5 button is worn with the jacket. The Prince Charlie jacket is perfect for formal occasions when worn with a kilt, but it also looks excellent when worn with tartan trews or pants.

Prince Charlie outfits are a great option if you’re having trouble deciding what kind of jacket to get for your highlandwear ensemble because they are such a timeless style. Before deciding to purchase your own, you may try out one of our Prince Charlie clothing alternatives from our hire collection.

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