Why Does the Vape Spit? Can We Fix it?

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Splashing during puffs spoils the pleasure of vaping greatly. They disrupt the taste perception of the liquid, and hot drops of filler can even burn the lips and tongue. It is rather difficult to hover with such spitting, and if you continue to do it, then over time, heartburn, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms will appear. You can protect your vapes to keep in vape pen boxes. There could be several causes for this occurrence.

Some claim that you do not have vape cartridges of poor quality while some give other reasons. However, the reality is that no one knows much about this issue. It is because using vape pens and cartridges is a new trend, and many people around us are not aware of it.

In this article, we will try to figure out why vape spits, and also tell you how to avoid it. All this information is authentic and accurate because we have taken this information from the experts in vape cartridges.

Why Does Vape Regularly Spit Liquid?

Here, we are analyzing some top reasons why vaping can spit. It will answer all of your questions about e-cigarette splashing liquid.

Let us look at the most common reasons:

  • Puff too tight. If tightened with great force, the liquid will not have time to evaporate on the coil, which will lead to spitting.
  • Incorrect wadding. The cotton wool must be tamped moderately tightly. If it is too loose, the atomizer will definitely start firing.
  • The low viscosity of the slurry. For powerful mods, it is preferable to choose fillers with a higher VG content than PG. If you have 50-50 fluid, it may leak out of the tank and spit out during puffs.
  • Atomizer marriage. Why do e-cigarettes spit liquid? You may have come across a defective tank or RDA. When the parts of the atomizer do not fit well together, gaps form between them, which can provoke spitting.

Here, we want to mention that only these issues are not the reasons why vaping can spit. Factually, these are the most common reasons mentioned in the CBD packaging box. The next step in this regard is to resolve the issue of spitting. So, we can move on to how to fix the problem now from here:

How To Fix The Issue?

To eliminate spitting, you need to determine why the vape is splashing in your particular case. If you are a beginner, it is better to ask for help from more experienced vapers. However, the following information will also help you resolve the issue convincingly:

Increase The Vaping Power By About 10 W:

It will allow the liquid to evaporate faster which can help keep the cartridge smooth.

Do Not Overfill The Coil:

To saturate the wick with liquid, just drop a little bit of it (if you overdo it, briefly hold down the Fire button to lightly burn through the cotton wool). If the reason is the defective atomizer or electronic cigarette, replace the device under warranty or buy a new one.

Take A Smooth And Relaxed Puff:

You do not need to pull the steam forcibly. Relax smoking can keep spitting away from your vape.

Use E-Liquids With A VG To PG Ratio Of 70 to 30 Or Even 80 to 20:

The selection of e-liquids is one of the most important aspects that you must consider before vaping. Here, we want to mention that these specific fluids are more viscous, which means there will be less chance of shooting. You can buy these liquids by reading the descriptions on vape pen boxes, as almost all the companies of e-liquids provide these details to make the buying of CBD products easier.

Final Words

It is necessary to mention that using vapes is an art, and you must be a master of it if you want to enjoy vaping. The reason is that minor issues can spoil all your efforts related to the enjoyment attached to vaping. Among these minor issues, spitting is the most disturbing one.

Therefore, we have tried to tell you everything about this issue.

Moreover, we have also mentioned some tips to address the issue confidently. However, after exploring custom packaging boxes of e-liquids of three to four brands, you will have a better experience.

Now you know why the e-cigarette fires and how to fix it. We hope that the above tips will help you solve this annoying problem you can also pack your e-liquids in vape pen boxes and can also print details on boxes to be aware of the product.

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