Chemical peel treatment solves various skin problems like wrinkles, dark spots, and acne scars. In this blog, you will get to study everything related to chemical peel treatment, from procedure to curing methods!

A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical is applied to the skin, and while the chemical is removed, it removes the top, dead layer of the skin. The chemical that is to be applied on the skin depends on the quality and type of the skin! The skin that grows back is smooth and glowy and has no scars. The other major factor that people go for chemical peel treatment is that through this treatment, people attain a lighter shade of skin as compared to the original skin. You may have to repeat the treatment once or twice to achieve the desired shade! 

Why is Chemical Peel Treatment Done?

A chemical peel is a skin-regrowing procedure. Depending on the skin issue that you want to cover, you will have to address one of the procedures in depth:

Light Chemical Peel 

A light chemical peel removes the outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. This treatment is preferred by those who want to reduce wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone, and dryness! Customers usually go for light peel treatment every two to five weeks. 

Medium Chemical Peel 

A medium peel chemical treatment removes the skin cells from the epidermis and a bit of the upper part of the middle layer of the skin, also known as the dermis. This treatment helps to treat wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. This procedure can also be repeated to achieve the desired results. 

Deep Chemical Peel 

A deep chemical peel procedure will help you remove the dead skin cells present deep inside the skin. Your dermatologist may recommend you to go for this treatment if you are willing to remove deep wrinkles, scars, or precancerous growth! This procedure doesn’t need to be repeated to achieve the full effect! 

How you should get prepared for this treatment:

Choose a clinic that has experts who have all the knowledge about the skin and the procedure that will suit you the best. Results can depend on various factors, if it is done improperly, then it can lead to allergies, complications that may result in infection, and permanent scars. 

Before you go for the treatment, then the doctor may ask you to do the following things: 

Have a look at your medical history 

A good doctor will ask for details about your medical history, and then accordingly, they will decide on the procedure. 

Conduct a physical exam

The doctor will inspect your skin and the area that has to be treated to determine what                               type of peel will suit you the best and which will show more beneficial results in your skin. 

The doctor will know your expectations. 

The doctor will discuss in detail what are your expectations. Make sure that you discuss everything in detail- what are your expectations, the areas you want to treat well, how much time will the procedure take, and what are the precautions you have to take after going through the procedure?

After the procedure is done, then you might face some redness in the skin. This is quite common, but you need to take care of your skin after getting the treatment- make sure you protect your skin from the sun. 
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