SEO consulting can be done for a variety of reasons.

Low traffic is one of the most common reasons for ordering an SEO consultation. The presence of the site does not bring profit, or it does not correspond to its potential. If the reason is obvious enough, then a quick audit will point to it, after which a decision will be made: to carry out work to eliminate it or not.

The second reason: there is traffic – there is no sale. In one of the examples above, we talked about the importance of correctly identifying the target audience and usability. These are two fairly common problems that site owners may face. The short-term presence of visitors does not make them customers, so it is important that the user is satisfied. If this is not the case, the search engine will simply lower the site in the search results.

Preventive work. We have always advocated that the audit be carried out approximately every six months. For many, this will seem like a rather short period, but it turns out to be the opposite. Search engines do not report upcoming changes in ranking algorithms; they do not report major updates – they simply, without too much publicity, introduce new game rules that can bury all promotion by lowering positions in just a few days. Therefore, it is better to conduct consultations on the current state more often than less often because sometimes it can be quite late.

Development of a new project. Recently, a very positive trend has been gaining popularity: contacting an seo guide precedes contacting a web page developer. That is, before starting a discussion of a site with a web designer and web developers, its structure, content, and navigation are worked out. So why do they do it?

If the project is planned to be very promising, then already at the “zero” stage, it is worth considering issues that will become key during the promotion period. After all, it is much easier to do well right away than to do a redesign or something more global later.

What do you need to study to become an SEO specialist?

Even though this profession has existed for over twenty years (since approximately 1997), not a single educational institution provides a specialty related to SEO. Quite often, this direction is chosen by people who understand marketing, as it plays an important role in successful promotion.

At first, to call yourself a “Technik” was enough to buy links leading to your site and wait until the search engine decides that you are very popular and in demand. These were good reasons to raise positions, so the promotion process was reduced to buying links (now, this is a prohibited method, which is punishable by the imposition of filters/sanctions).

However, the Internet does not stand still; it is probably one of the fastest growing niches in today’s market, and therefore there are constant changes in the work of the SEO specialist, which he is simply obliged to follow, especially if he appreciates his services.

From today’s article, you have already understood how much website promotion has changed and how much knowledge a specialist should have to successfully improve the positions of websites of various companies: be it construction, financial, shop, legal, etc. – anything.

You have to learn all this on your own, through trial and error. Therefore the effectiveness of the work of an SEO specialist depends very much on what experience he has behind him, what cases he can offer, what questions he solves “one or two,” and how to behave in one way or another.

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